Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mug and French Press Jacket

I usually need a quick FO fix after completing a big object and the Somewhat Cowl morning after was no exception. Last weekend I made a cup of coffee in my french press that convinced me to put away my coffee pot and espresso maker and reclaim the extra counter space. There was also a pattern in my Ravelry queue that I have had my eye on for some time-the Mug and French Press Jacket- I loved the stitch pattern. I just happened to have enough of the first yarn I ever spun to knit up one of my own- I had to do a bit of math to make the gauge work. I am using a cork as a temporary closure until I come across the perfect button.

Two days later, the greedy FO beast has been tamed and my coffee is nice and hot!

I modified the pattern a bit to make up for the thick handpun I used. I also left off the base.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

But I don't want to block it!

"Why not?" you might ask. Well, I know a few things you don't know. Firstly, this top is 80% baby alpaca which means it is going to 'bloom' as soon as it gets wet. Secondly, I tested a swatch and it bloomed after I washed it so I know it is going to bloom. However, I neglected to measure my swatch before I washed it so I have no idea how much. I know my beautifully fitted sweater may not be so fitted after a trip in the wash. Blah. I'll let you know how that goes....

Also, should I lengthen the ribbing on the sleeves? I am afraid it is not balanced considering the length of the hem ribbing and the cowl.

Things I have learned thanks to Secret of the Stole ii...

1. after a few beers is not the time to learn how to knit continental- all I gained in drunken confidence I lost in hand eye coordination. I figured if I could crochet holding the yarn in my left hand, I should be able to knit with it in my left hand as well. I was wrong.

2. When the chart changes, the knitting should too.

3. It is much quicker to drop down the stitches in the section with the mistake and reknit it, than frogging and reknitting six rows. All I needed was a pillow, a bright light and a pair of dpn's. and some patience.

4. I can knit faster when the house is empty and the tv is off.

5. Stoles are easier to photograph on circular needles than they are on straights, and I am knitting this one on straights.

6. Just when I start patting myself on the back for how quickly I am knitting and how beautiful it is and how I barely have to look at the chart... I will screw something up. Then I will have to put to use the skills picked up in number 3.

7. KAL's are great motivation for a project that I might otherwise shove in a corner in disgust instead of taking the time to learn to corrrect my mistakes.