Monday, January 30, 2006

Personality test...

While decompressing after my weekend minivacation to nowhere, I came across this personality test while visiting persnicketyknitter . It was a fun way to kill some time. My results were pretty much dead on. Here lies the key to my personality!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Not so little pink purse...

I love the cable clutches that I first saw on Craftster, and have made a is my latest variation on a cable clutch...I had all day Saturday to myself and enjoyed every single quiet second of it. I took the day off and spent the day sleeping late (2:30 pm, ya'll I am the Queen of Sleepers!) watching trashy tv and finishing up this little lovely....
I knit the square with the cables on it Last November. I was planning for it to be a clutch, but thought it would be much cuter and easier to hold with handles. I had to pick up stitches on both the top and bottom (a crochet hook made this much easier!) and knit the tops. Pinky is very happy to finally be finished after the long wait. Knit in Lion Brand jiffy on size 10.5 needles. The white beads were put on as an afterthought.
Here is the cute girlie liner! I am so happy to be finished with this. I procrastinate sewing the lining for purses because I know the sewing part is what really makes or breaks a great bag. And my sewing skills are seriously lacking...and I hate following patterns, so I mess up. A lot. This turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself...the liner does need a bit more shaping, but there is quite a bit of room for all the stuff a girly-girl may need throughout the day!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Plenty to do...

After yarn shopping yesterday I had an incredible urge to knit everything... I decided to knit Eve for The Girl Wonder, and this will be a super quick one! I just could not get it out of my head that it looks like a merkin...Patons Cha Cha, size 11 needle.
After realizing how easy that was going to be I decided to cast on for my double sided scarf. Keep in mind that I have never double knit before, but I taught myself ya'll! I am still so impressed with myself I can hardly stand it! I am a genius (at least I feel like one today)! Lion Brand, size 8 dpn.
Oh Yeah!! I am good...I am also going to try my best to finish up this purse this weekend. I have to pick up stitches on the top and bottom edge so I can attach the circular handles. The pink butterfly fabric is going to be the lining. Lion Brand, size 10.5 needle.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yarn Fix...

Went to buy yarn today with MIL. I picked up 2 pairs of DPN's size 4 for Lolita (Knitting Olympics) and size 1 so I can attempt sock knitting. I also picked up 2 purse handles for purses that need completing. I have a few things in mind I would like to knit. The first is a fake fur wrap for The Girl Wonder using this yarn and closure. She is 9 going on 19 and wanted something a little more stylish than a little girl sweater. She also wanted something that would not shed on all her black dresses. The second thing I would like to make is a double knit scarf. I only had the idea today, so I will have to fiddle with it a bit to get it to work. It will be knit with this Lion Brand Jiffy yarn. Since "you cannot take the trailer park out of the girl," as The Gaming One likes to put it, I have nothing against acrylic. My FIL picked the colors... Finally, I am tinkering with my own designed baby dress. I have felt especially creative lately and think it is time to venture past the patterns at hand and see what I am capable of. Here is the yarn I would like to use.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ten Things (many of) My Friends Like That I Don't:

1. Driving
2. Gameshows
3. Movie Theaters
4. Bars
5. Loud noises
6. Loud people
7. Processed foods
8. Chain restaurants (fast food or otherwise)
9. Chick flicks
10. Being in control

thanks strangelittlemama


feeling like a junkie...

So many knitters relate knitting to an addiction and I am beginning to think they may be onto something. I was so excited all day yesterday, knowing the pinwheel baby blanket would soon be finished and ready to give to my cousin (she is doing better day by day!) as I quickly knitted and purled the last row and connected the end of the border to the beginning, my fingers almost tingled in excitement! I felt like a girl about to have her first real kiss... I weaved in the last few loose ends (I did most as I went along) and was done. I lovingly spread the blanket out on my coffee table, helped myself to another beer, and sat back to admire my handiwork. My joy, or knitter's high, if you will, did not even last as long as my congratulatory beer. Halfway through I was itching for another "fix" and had used up my stash of really good "drugs". Unlike some of you seasoned knitters out there, yarn has yet to become an addiction, I only buy yarn when I have a project in mind. I have a bag of odds and ends, but not enough of anything that sings a siren song leading me to a project. Fingers itching, restless I flip through my patterns hoping a little project will call out to me, but the time The Gaming One comes home I am sulking on the sofa on the brink of PKD (Post Knitting Depression) feeling really sorry for myself.
Him:"Oh, Sweetie, your blanket looks great!"
Me:"Thanks, I am really happy with it."
Him:"Honey, what's wrong?"
Me:"I just feel a letdown now that it is all done."
Him:"I thought you would be happy to be finished, you were looking forward to it so much!"
Me:"I am happy it is finished, especially since I have to give it to Cousin K tomorrow. I am just a little bummed because now I have nothing to knit."
Him:"uh, huh." He looks at me like I am crazy, knowing there is nothing he can do except let me wallow in my own self pity, so he does just that.
I finish my beer, shower and head to bed..visions of new knits dancing in my head...

FO Haiku

Oh, finished object
beautiful, yet depressing
I hope you bring joy.

So here is the finished blanket, which will be going to its new home today. Hopefully one day I will learn how to really use all the bells and whistles on my digital camera soI can actually take good pictures, but you get the idea...

Monday, January 23, 2006

What is better than knitting?

Well, I planned to spend last night happily knitting and watching my stories while The Gaming One played is our Sunday routine after all! Relaxing with a beer, watching only what I wanted uninterrupted on TV, knitting to my little hearts content...What could be better than that?! Hours and Hours of uninterrupted sex that's what...when I looked at the clock at 2am and told The Gaming One I must go to bed he replied, "What about that blanket you wanted to finish?" Me, "Uh...I think that will have to wait until morning." to knit!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Yes ladies and gents...she can be taught!!

Happy day for Me! I have been coveting the cool Wip Progress bars and KAL Buttons that all you other knit bloggers have on your blogs and for the life of me could not figure out how to do it. So I decided to stalk some bloggers on Craftster to see who had 'em...Well, I stumble across
Sarah's Ramblings and think "hey, Maybe she will help me" So I mosey back onto Craftster and send her a PM begging for assistance....Not only did she give me great directions the same day, she didn't even make me feel stupid or anything! It was actually quite easy when I got down to it! So One Thousand thank yous go out to Sarah! You have made my day!
On the knitting front....The baby blanket is almost done and the end is now in sight! Hopefully I can finish it tonight while I watch all my stories...Thank you DVR you are indeed better than sliced bread!

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Knitting Olympics...

So The Gaming One doesn't like the Cycling Aran I wanted to make for him...He wants a plain cardigan "You know like the one Mr. Roger's used to wear??!! But with buttons instead of a zipper and can you make it a v-neck??" He is such a sentimental, just gotta love him! So...he is gonna have to wait for that...I am sure his Mom has some easy, plain pattern from one of her knitting books from the 70's that will make him happy and remind him of the happy days of his youth spent with his good friend will probably bore me to tears, but I guess it is not about me...
Instead I am going to make something for myself (that he will also enjoy I think)
Lolita Legs from Knitty is a hot knit that I think I may realistically be able to finish. Since I have never knit socks, nor knit with elastic yarn I think these will be a suitable challenge plus the lace pattern will challenge my ability to knit, drink and watch tv at the same time. Besides I think I would really had about as much chance finishing the Cycling Aran in 16 days as I would actually winning a medal in the real Olympics (unless drinking Merlot is now an Olympic sport, then I just might have a chance!)
Off to The Yarn Harlot to sign up! Happy Knitting!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I must be a crazy

So there is talk in the knitting world of the Knitting Olympics and my brain must have fallen out of my head somewhere along my travels because I am actually considering attempting this cardigan for The Gaming One. I think having a 16 day deadline with other knitters watching may actually encourage me to finish this in a timely manner. He told me just a few days ago he would like a cardigan *gasp* although he never wears sweaters.... this may be ok though since he can easily take it off...I thought I would show it to him tonight and if he likes it I am olympic bound!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I should be knitting...

I must finish the pinwheel baby blanket for my cousin by Sunday, with only a few days left to knit and honestly 10 or more hours of knitting ahead of me, how do I spend my quiet morning since The Boy Child and The Girl Wonder played nicely all morning? Did I use this time to knit? Noooooo because that would make too much sense and what good is a deadline if I do not procrastinate until the last minute....instead I read about knitting...other people's knitting...admiring their beautiful FO's looking for inspiration to finish my own...must go knit!!!

more baby knits...

I was so impressed with these cute little shoes I started a second pair! I had just enough Patons Brilliant to finish them. There is a red metallic thread in this yarn that really makes 'em sparkle and shine! These are a gift for a cousin that had a baby last month. The pattern can be found here

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I hope there is nothing in the water...

It seems the only things I have been knitting of late are baby things. My dear cousin K is expecting her first baby and at 29 weeks she has been put on bed rest. I am knitting until my fingers can no longer hold needles to finish before the baby girl makes her early arrival! I am working on the pinwheel baby blanket. Here's hoping I can finish the leafy border before Sunday! The border really keeps the edges from rolling in and I am really pleased with the way it is turning out.
The blanket may be finished if I hadn't taken the time to make this 5 Hour baby sweater... Which took waaaay longer than 5 hours...I guess I need more practice. Here is the pattern Miss Monkey said she wouldn't mind modeling since we have no baby...And here is a closeup...I must admit now I am hooked on raglan no seaming sweaters! I hope there will be more to come! It was a fun knit and so very cute!!