Sunday, April 20, 2008


Babette is all finished- well almost. I finished the last few rounds a few days ago and weaved in all the loose ends. I tossed it in the washer and dryer (Knitpicks Swish superwash) knowing the yarn would soften up, the stitches would bloom and my blanket would be nice and snuggly.

Then I noticed holes


My poor blanket looks like it has been loved on quite a bit- the washer and dryer loved it long time. I am just glad that it is not a gift, I fear this one won't hold up too long. I will make all the necessary repairs, then this will have a permanent home on my side of the couch. It is the perfect lap blanket (29" X 37").

I really see myself crocheting another one of these. Next time I will probably crochet all the squares at once then do all the seaming. I noticed differences in my gauge in some of the sections, and the seaming does not match because I used a different method in the later rounds. I enjoyed this muchly, and am glad to be able to cross it off my list.

As a reward for finishing Babette, I started swatching for Lemonade v.2. I am using Sublime Cotton Soya and I am in love! This yarn begs to be knit into baby sweaters- it is buttery soft, knits up beautifully, and is machine washable. Stay tuned!

Even though my Mom does not read my blog (If you do, and I don't know, you better come clean woman!) I want to wish her a very happy birthday today! She and I are so alike in so many ways and I could not imagine my life without her in it. I love you, Mom! Thank you for always being there for me, never judging me, giving me great advice and loving me the most!


DAWN said...

"the dryer loved it long time"-- I laughed and laughed. Too funny, not the knotty bits coming out of hiding but your sense of humor about it is wonderful. I think it turned out great, too.

Lara said...

The yarn seems to have come through ok, though, so that's good. I feared felting.

I knitted a Hemlock Ring blanket out of Swish and it felted in the wash, despite its superwash label.

Pretty Babette! My daughter and I have been considering it for a long time.

urbanknitrix said...

Happy B day Amandas' Mom!! I so need to pick up those crochet needles.

Anonymous said...

Even after washing I still think its beautiful! The colors you chose are so good together.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, what happened? It's really a gorgeous blanket. I love all the colors.

"loved it long time" ... that made me LOL, too!

Anonymous said...

Gasp! Holes.

I hope you can fix it. :) I know you can (and will).