Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day!

In my neck of the woods we generally only get snow a day or two a year and today is that day. I am not a fan of the snow (or the cold weather) and was only outside in it long enough to snap a few pictures of the kids. But it is hard not to smile when you have kids that love the snow. It is such a rare treat for them. The Boy Wonder was especially excited to see the 3+ inches that fell overnight and wanted to go out as soon as his feet hit the floor. The Girl Wonder was not quite as excited, but that did not stop her from being the first one bundled up, ready to head outside. After being out a few minutes and realizing that the fluffy snow was no good for either snowman construction or snowball fights, they moved on to their next favorite snow day activity, making snow cream. They also decided to clean the snow from The Gaming One's car so he could get to work. Then with frozen toes and pink noses, they came inside in search of hot chocolate and breakfast.
We will soon settle down to watch the Inauguration and talk about the great change that (hopefully) is in store for our nation. There is excitement in the air, in more ways than one.

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Anonymous said...

That's why wusses like me live in Florida. The snow looks great...I just know I couldn't live in it.