Thursday, April 12, 2007

Make washing fun!

Since the release of the Mason Dixon Knitting book, warshrags have been knit by almost everyone in the knitting community. I came across a remarkably similar pattern online and have already knit 2 of these babies. There just happened to be the same pattern printed on the inside of the ball band of the Peaches and Cream cotton I purchased. I plan to replace all my storebought wash cloths with hand knit rags for each day of the week! I knit mine somewhat smaller than the pattern called for by only casting on 33 stitches and knitting on size 5 needles. Not only do they make great cleaning cloths (the ridges in the back really pick up crumbs) but they also double as potholders for taking hot cookies out of the oven! The kiddos and I discovered today that sugar cookies are even better topped with chocolate icing!


DAWN said...

A rag for each day of the week--I love that. I may join you in such a cool idea. Sugar cookies AND chocolate--mmmmmmm

Necia said...

Ooh ooh. Good idea! I have an ish load of peaches/sugar n cream from when I first learned how to knit. This is perfect to use them up. And, yet my to knit list grows.


Andrea said...

Too funny!!!!! Gotta love that Peaches & Cream. I'm knitting the same pattern (ombre). I started it yesterday morning on the train going in to work. I'm using mine as a facecloth/washcloth.