Monday, March 03, 2008

Whole lotta nothing going on...

The past few weeks have flown by! I have sat down to blog on many occasions but have just not been in the mood. The last two weeks of February could be defined by me just not being in the mood- for anything. I have knit (of course) but really have nothing to show for it. I have been swatching for a new design to try (again) to get published in Interweave Knits. I knit swatches for three days with three different yarns. Finally, I found a stitch pattern I liked and knit a big swatch to send with my proposal. The stitch pattern was pretty easy once I got into the swing of things and about half way through I decided I really didn't need to look at the directions anymore. I finished knitting part of the swatch and then picked up stitches along the side- just as I would for my design and was happily knitting along. I admired, petted, sniffed (mmmm, the woolly goodness of Cascade Eco Wool) this swatch for three days. I even blocked it- measuring carefully as I pinned it down. I showed off my swatch to my MIL and FIL describing my idea... then realized the swatch I was planning to mail to Interweave the very next day was fucked. Somehow, I left off the last two rows of the pattern repeat on all but the first two repeats of the pattern. stupid, stupid, stupid.....That will teach me that I am not as bright as I thought I was. So now, I am debating reknitting the swatch and sending my proposal to Interweave or just knit up the design myself and be done with it. Ironically, I received my first (rejected) design proposal the same day. Is this the universe trying to tell me something? Decisions, decisions...

Thanks to Marnie, I now have a new love...tatting. It took going to two stores to find the supplies and an hour or so going between YouTube and Google and I have a cutsie new craft. When I asked about tatting supplies from the not-so-helpful customer service at AC Moore I was looked at like I had three heads and speaking another language. WTF. The person I was directed to that "would probably" know what I was talking about had GREEN TEETH! I have this aversion to teeth in general- it grosses me out to floss my own teeth and I just come unglued when wee ones start wiggling around loose ones in their mouths- blech- anyway, I could not even look at this poor girl that was trying to help me and I almost threw up a little in my mouth.

Ever have one of those conversations that make you question your sanity? I did last week with my daughter. We were in Wal-mart and I comment to The Girl Wonder
me: Why do they already have the Easter stuff out?! I hate all this commercial BS, it is not even Valentine's Day yet!
TGW: uh, mom, Valentine's Day has passed already, remember?
me: (after thinking a moment)...Oh yeah. Man, I am losing it.

I only have 55 days left in my 20's and although I know it is silly, I am freaked out a bit about turning (cringe, shudder) 30. I have started exercising. I know my fitness plan is working every muscle in my body, because the day after my first session every part of me hurt. Oh sweet baby Jesus, I am so out of shape, it is pathetic. After a day of rest and a few hot baths I am mostly back to normal. The Gaming One has been very supportive, as long as you count support as laughing at my every groan and telling me "Don't exercise your ass, it is perfect the way it is." So sweet, that one! Knitting may be the new yoga, but it certainly does not promote the same level of fitness and flexibility.

Secret of the Stole ii is creeping along. I am about half a clue behind and just seem to knit and knit and knit and not really get anywhere. Stitch by stitch it is growing and will be finished in a few short weeks. I really like this design and can't wait to wear it!

Knitting and crochet and tatting photos will come as soon as I get in the mood!


Andrea said...

Cheer up girl, it gets better. Sorry to hear about Interweave. You know how I feel about that. As they say, pick yourself off the ground and get back on that horse. Just keep trying. I would still knit that design up if I were you. I know I'm going to knit mine. Feel better and get out of that slump.

I just started exercising again. I want to lose 2 more inches on my waist. I'm doing turbo jam and yoga booty. I feel your pain and the sore muscles too.

Yarn It said...

I think you are finally hitting your winter blahs....but hopefully winter will be over soon!

As for the designing thing - you have a great talent for it and if I were you I would keep trying. I know the rejection has got to be hard but I do think you can do it. Keep working at it!

And good for you for working out again! Once you get past the hurt you will feel better about it. Love your hubby's comment - that is what every woman wants to hear!

urbanknitrix said...

I so feel you on the pain. Just started working out again yesterday. Do your eyelids suppose to hurt too?

I am so sick and tired of the commercialization of every thing. It makes me not want to buy anything - oh and gas being so high helps out a lot.

I agree with everyone else - your designs are awesome. If Interweave don't take them, so be it, their loss. Put it on your blog and sell it or whatever and once you blow up they will be dying to have you and then maybe YOU will say no!

MadMad said...

OH, I'm sorry about your swatch. What.A.Bummer. It just figures, though, doesn't it? You're cruising right along, thinking everything is just fine, and then.... AAAAAAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!

(I got a giggle out of V-Day having passed, too! The days do seem to run into each other sometimes, don't they?)

Anonymous said...

Darn that swatch...I hope you send it to IK anyway. I'd love to see one of your designs there.

LOL@the exercise. I know of what you speak!

Fortunately, the AC Moore I go to has no employees with green teeth, OMG.