Sunday, October 05, 2008


I am taking a blog break.
I have been very uninspired lately and really have nothing to share.
If you are wondering about what is on and off my needles check out my project details on Ravelry.

Have a great fall!


Yarn It said...

That is a huge bummer! I will certainly miss you though I can say I completely understand. I should probably take an official hiatus myself. We must keep in touch through ravelry.

urbanknitrix said...

I SO understand and will check up on you through Ravelry!!! Have a great break!!

Anonymous said...

We all need a break now & then. Take care of yourself & the family while you're on hiatus. Can't wait until you get back!

MadMad said...

Ugh. I know the feeling... This blogging can be so... much, sometimes. Rest up!