Thursday, June 22, 2006

Crafty but stupid...

There is a post on Craftster titled crafty but stupid. There is also a post titled Persian Waxing. Based on my experience today, these are one in the same. For those of you that do not know Persian Waxing is actually a combination of sugar, lemon juice and water that you cook on the stove until it is basically caramel, let it cool a bit, apply to hairy areas and rip the hair right off. I have waxed before so when I saw the DIY on Craftster I was really excited to try it. I let the hair grow while patiently waiting for my period to end (waxing is less painful then). Well, my friends today was the day! I could not wait to be slippery smooth from the underarms down (in my opinion if a gal can get through childbirth with no drugs she can wax and I do mean all of it). I prepared the sugar solution and burned the shit out of my middle finger testing the consistency of the wax. Who knew sugar at the soft crack stage was hot enough to raise blisters. Stupid, stupid girl...I had only been cooking it for about 15 minutes, the spoon was hot to the touch, but I touched the little innocent looking blob of sugar anyway. It was too hard by the way. I have a lovely blister now, I am sure knitting will be lots of fun-typing sure is....NOT. I do not easily give up, especially when a month of not having to shave is at stake, so I tried again. The second attempt ended in a sticky mess. So I decided to break out the few remaining VEET wax strips I bought last summer to rid myself of the hairiness, after all I had a bottle of wax remover if things got too messy. After all, the whole point of making the sugar hair remover was the beauty of the easy cleanup. Have you ever had your freshly waxed sticky self stuck to your bathtub? I have. It is not fun and as funny as the mental picture of my sticky self stuck to my tub is, I am still not laughing. Little did I know the wax remover apparently has a shelf life, and was the consistency of pudding when I tried to use it to clean up the leftover waxiness. Let me tell ya, it did not work, and I do not even have enough strips to wax the other leg-or the other parts I intended to wax. So after an hour and a half, I am left looking like spider woman (not the one in the sleek sexy costume-I am the one that looks like a tarantula) except for one leg below the knee and it would be smooth if it were not for all the dark blue fuzz from my jeans stuck to the leftover wax...sigh...oh yeah and a huge blister on my finger.
In case you are wondering, yes, waxing hurts, but girls, let me tell ya, it is worth it! I will try the sugaring again tomorrow, cause I know it can be done, I just don't know if I can do it. If that fails me I guess I will be buying my hair removers like all the other uncrafty masses.
And all you hairy gals out there can spare me the feminist bs about why I am waxing in the first let your man or woman (no discrimination here) go down one time after a "stem to stern" waxing (as The Gaming One likes to put it) and you just might change your mind...


Necia said...


You are a hot mess, but I love the way you just laid the law dowin in such an eloquent way too. I've really been slacking with my waxing, but I know exactly where you are coming from. In the winter I actually prefer a close shave for my nappy dugout if you may. i actually try to shave it, but in the summer, wax all the way. Good luck my sistahfriend.


K. said...

Hehehe waxing stories are fun! I'm of the non-hairy part of the gene pool so the one time wax came near me (to rid me of what my sisters call The Unibrow - which is non-existent) I cried like a 3 year old with a skinned knee so...I may not feel ALL of your pain, but I can't imagine pouring wax down my pants...oh the pain...smoothness...but PAIN!

Cutie said...
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Cutie said...

Amanda, I love you, as you know, but chile, you kill me with those stories of yours!

I never tried to make my own sugaring system because I figured the whole process is painful and tedious enough, so why bother with DIY? After reading your post, I feel even better about that decision. Thanks for taking it for the team girl!

I have to say I love storebought sugar hair remover, and I am a "Stem to stern" hair remover too, and because I have such curly hair, its the only thing that doesn't leave me with ingrown hair and irritated bumps. My favorite that I have been using for years is Parissa Hair Removal Body Sugar:

I also use depilatory cream (not lotion), when I am more pressed for time. I like the ones that have oils in them like VEET® In-Shower Hair Removal Cream.

Anyhow, I love this- " let your man or woman go down one time after a "stem to stern" waxing and you just might change your mind..."

Mr. J heartily agrees :D

Even sex is better! Less hair in the way= more sensitivity= happy, happy Emms :)

jae said...

OH dont get me started, I am currently in body-hair-hell, I too suffer from ingrown hairs(really bad) so I decided to laser my armpits(not cheap)...What happened recently(last month) is I now have discoloration of my pits which is NOT cute. God knows how long this will take to normalize(yrs??). One day if I have the guts, I'll post a pic. Meanwhile, I have to walk around with my arms pinned to sides when I go sleeveless. Body hair is the true bane of my existence. Maybe I'll try the sugar(?) Emmie talked about--thanks sistahfriend.