Monday, June 12, 2006

LOST:My knitting Mojo Reward offered!

Sometime between yesterday and today I lost my knitting mojo.
Exhibit A: I have forgotten how to count to six, and placed a buttonhole on the wrong row of the Silk corset top. This is usually not a problem, as I would just ladder down the stitches and pick them up with a crochet hook. However, today I had to unravel the edge and reknit the button band. It was a messy affair, and I had a bit of an out of body experience as I looked on with horror at the tangle of yarn realizing that I may very well have to not only frog eight entire rows, but then pick-up the 160some stitches and reknit all my progress. It looks ok now, but only ok. And I almost cried after I was finished.
Exhibit B: I posted earlier today about a cute little alpaca baby sock I knit for my preg sis. I was unhappy with the super-pointy toe so I thought I would frog just the toe and try another. Apparently my brain and my knitting mojo are buddies and decided to take a vacation together, because 1-the yarn is fuzzzzy alpaca 2-the needles are sz 1. My dear friends this 1+2=ERROR!ERROR!ERROR! um yeah...that baby sock was sailing across the living room faster than I could say "another vodka tonic, STAT!" I actually went to my room a shed a few frustrated tears about this one. Knitting for relaxation, my ass!
Exhibit C: The yankees baby blanket is a tangled mess. I have mentioned this blanket on more than one occasion to the expecting parents and they are both so excited to see the finished result. BIL even went to the trouble to find me a great NY logo to use for the charting. I think all my bragging is coming to bite me in the ass. What is up? I can knit a fucking sweater but cannot manage a square stockinette stitch baby blanket? My first attempt at intarsia over a year ago went off without a hitch, now it is killing me.
Do y'all realize that is every project that I have on my needles? They are all fucked and the cocktails are not helping.

I have not left the house so I have a strong suspicion my mojo and brain are vacationing beneath the sofa cushions. Maybe those rugrats of mine have taken off with it, however, kind souls, if you come across it please return it, as I really need it back. My sanity relies upon it. Reward: half a bottle of Stoli Vodka...(the other half is helping me cope with my loss)


Ninabeena said...

So much for being anonymous! o well this is actually a good reflection of how much of a goober I am! anyway, it's all good. I'll catch up with you on Wednesday. Thanks for the email back.

DAWN said...

I say knit another Saving Grace or some other such mind numbingly simple and quick project. Revel in your success and proceed with said "fucked up" projects. Save the Stoli for the teenage years!

bradyphrenia said...

i know how you feel. just take a deep breath and walk away from your knitting for awhile. if you are already frustrated, it'll only get worse if you force yourself to keep going.

Cutie said...

I agree with bradyphrenia (knotty gnome) walk away, have sex, do something else entirely that is fun, try having sex, oh and did I mention have sex? Much less tangly than knitting.

Ahem. Hint hint. (I am not on Gaming One's Payroll, really!)

Emms :) (grin)

jae said...

If you take a lil knitting break for a day or two, I'm sure Mojo will be back.

Persnickety Knitter said...

I can sympathize with all of your knitting project woes. I hate it when good knitting goes bad. That's how I end up with so many projects in "time-out".