Thursday, November 30, 2006

FO's: Starsky & Nephew's Raglan

Info: Starsky
Needles: Size US 10.5
Yarn:Knitpicks Merino Style
Color: Moss (color truest in top pic), 9 skeins
Mods: Buttons instead of belted
Info: Little raglan for newest nephew (now 3 mo. old!)
Needles:Sz US4 dpn
Yarn:KnitPicks Shine
Color:Cloud (I am not exactly sure how many skeins it took, because the yarn was from a failed attempt at a Somewhat Cowl.)

I started and finished both of these during the month of November.


Yarn It said...

Wow, Amanda, Starsky looks great. You did a beautiful job and should be proud! I love the idea of using buttons rather than the belt. Love the color too. I am soooo tempted to make one now! My list is too long.

Stephanie said...

Starsky looks wonderful and the Buttons are fantastic - and I can't believe you gifted away your Swallowtail! Then again, I am recalling that I gifted away my first lace projects as well LOL.

strangelittlemama said...

I can NOT imagine knitting all of Starsky in a month and you also added in that cute little raglan! I bow before you.

(Both look amazing!)

Necia said...


Im so jealous. Can you please give a sistah more details on your twisting stiches technique.


del said...

Starsky is one gorgeous piece of work--I can see how it's your favorite knit ever! I love the buttons--I would definitely do that instead of the belt.

AND you finished another sweater? You go, Amanda. Too cute!

Areli said...

Both sweaters look great, but WOW, I believe your Starsky has just tipped me over the edge and now I will have to make it. I have even started looking for the perfect yarn :-)

Love the button band it makes the sweater perfect.

Andrea said...

The Starsky is gorgous. The detail is beautiful. I have to put that sweater on my list of to dos. I also like the raglan. The buttons were a great idea. It's always hard getting those types of sweaters over the child's head is the opening is not large enough.

TheSteph said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

You are awesome. That sweater is awesome! Your knitting is, well, awesome!

I wish I had a sweater like that.

melissa lynn said...

your starsky is GORGEOUS! it looks so much better with buttons. nice job!