Tuesday, November 28, 2006

On blocking and seaming

So ya'll know I blocked Starsky yesterday. I gently gave the pieces a handwashing... smooshed out the water, all the while being very careful not to stretch the pieces out of shape while moving to a thirsty towel. I rolled everything up and and pressed to get the extra water out. I then moved to the bedroom to block it undisturbed on my bed. When I unrolled the towel and laid out the sleeves I almost vomited. Ya'll, my sleeves went from being about 26" to 37". I looked in disbelief at those long, long sleeves and really wanted to cry. I may have even uttered a fuck or two. I looked again at the pattern to see how short they should be...I wa snot to happy to see the 21" measurement. So I smushed the stitches and patted, and smushed and patted and still they were long enough to fit monkey arms. Then I went a bit crazy and got my hair dryer. I planned to shrink those bitches. So I blew and smushed and patted and still they were nowhere near 21"-much closer to 26". I looked at my pattern again to see if somehow I misread my pattern, that is when I realized the 21" measurement was only to the armpit...it did not include the sleeve cap. DOH. So I pinned everything down and left it to dry. A few hours later my whole room reeked of wet sheep. I had to spray Oust before I could even go in there to sleep, it was that bad.
Today all the pieces were dry and I settled in to seam. I want this sweater to be perfect and all my attempts at attaching the sleeve left them looking homemade-and not in a good way. I finally decided I needed bright light, quiet and a stiff drink. So I sat on my front steps and enjoyed the beautiful day while seaming my sweater. Mattress stitch never ceases to amaze me! The stitches came together as if pulled by an invisible zipper. After about two hours all I had to show for my efforts was one sleeve attached and one side seam sewn, but boy, oh boy, those seams are beautiful (if I do say so myself). I do think I will have this sweater finished by the end of the month, which was my original goal. I think it just might be my favorite knitted garment yet!


del said...

I know that was scary; you're right, good seaming makes all the difference. Sounds like you had all the "notions" you needed--do stiff drinks count as notions? (they should!) LOL

TheSteph said...

I can't imagine how many times you said fuck! And the feeling in your stomach as you said it! ugh!

Hope the finished product is to your liking!

Yarn It said...

Gosh, I almost wanted to vomit just reading of the horror! I am really glad it all turned out well. I am amazed at seaming also. I always feel very proud of myself when the seaming turns out perfectly. If Starsky is your favorite, it must look amazing since all your knitted garments look great.