Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Miss Dashwood

The Gaming One came home from work a few nights ago and asked
if I minded knitting something for one of his pregnant co-workers. I was more than happy to, of course.

Him:Maybe you can knit her a blanket or something?
Me: That would be fine. When is she due?
Him: Any day now, you better get to knitting.
Me(inner voice): and you are just now realizing this?! You should have mentioned this months ago if you wanted her to have a blanket!
Me: I know a hat that would be perfect!

Pattern: Miss Dashwood, Knitty
yarn: Knit Picks Shine, color: Cloud- hat worked 2 strands held together throughout. Earflaps, crochet edging and i-cords are worked with a single strand.
needles: size6 circs to top of bobble band, size5 dpn's for crown, earflaps, i-cord.
mods: worked a single crochet trim on earflaps, worked i-cord for straps. no buttons inside the hat.

The Picot cast-on seemed to take forever, as did the bobble band! They were both new techniques for me, I guess that could contribute to the slow going. I am really happy with this little hat and have been waiting for an excuse to knit it!


melinda said...

I made Miss Dashwood last year for an expectant friend in DB Cashmerino. It's lovely and quick, non? Too bad it's too precious for baby boys!

del said...

Does the Gaming One not know how long it takes to knit a blanket? "any day now..." LOL

You did a fantastic job! The hat is too cute!

TheSteph said...

I love the hat! And something tells me you got a LOT of the KnitPicks Shine when it went on sale a couple of months ago!! HAHA.

Lolly said...

The hat is just the sweetest!