Sunday, December 31, 2006

baby hat

Whew...Finally the holiday season is over! Althought this year was better than most, I was still so zapped by the festivities. I have been knitting (of course) but have been to tired to post. Here is a look at my latest FO

Just a cutesy baby hat, and in my opinion, the only way fun fur should ever be used. No pattern, Lion brand jiffy yarn, size 10.5 needles. Lazy daisy embroidered on each side and center back. I just braided yarn for the ties. This was a gift for one of the Gaming One's pregnant coworkers. Started and finished in one evening.

I also knit a loose version of Antifreeze for the Boy Wonder, but managed to misplace the pics, and he managed to misplace the hat less than a week after I made it (I have a suspicion it is at his great-grandparents house). Since the Boy wonder is all about anything ARMY I have been on the lookout for a varigated yarn that looked like camouflage. When I spied Bernat Camouflage I knew right away it was just what I needed. I do hate that it is acrylic, but it does serve its purpose and he loves it(well, he loved it before he lost it, anyway). I bought the yarn about two days before the Knitty came out, and after the boy saw the yarn and was asked what he wanted it to be knit into he specifically requested a "camouflage hat that covers my face so only the eyes show." I started with fewer stitches to fit his little pea head, but used the same construction. I liked the pattern not to mention that it took the guesswork out of coming up with a pattern myself and it was a quick and fairly easy knit! He wore it all day the day I finished it and insisted taking it with him where ever he went- nevermind the fact that it was over 65 degrees! Now that is some knitting love right there... and I must admit I smiled a little smile when he came inside all redfaced and sweaty after wearing his army hat. I would gladly knit that boy 100 hats for that kind of appreciation!

I have been working on Twinkletoes for The Girl Wonder but I can't get gauge so I am tweeking the pattern. My first one ended up being big enough to fit a ladies size 10. Although my girl has big feet (already a size 8 and she is only 10yo!) they were a bit too floppy.

My Icarus Shawl is progressing rather slowly, but it is getting longer and longer.

That is all for now, sorry for any typos, as my brain is still on the mushy side and my fingers feel as if I am trying to type with big thick winter gloves.

oh yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


del said...

Twinkletoes is so cute--good luck on finishing that!

I'm planning Icarus for 2007 but don't know how it's going to go--have the yarn for it, so we'll see...

The little hat is so cute, especially the bitty flower on the side!

DAWN said...

Too cute baby hat (I agree about the fun fur, sheeez). Have a great new year.

Persnickety Knitter said...

Hi, Happy New Year. I'm finally getting back to blog reading after a long hiatus, during which I was swamped with I don't know what (everyday life, I guess).

Cute hat, and I love your Miss Dashwood and Starsky.

del said...

I lost your e-mail address, otherwise, I would've e-mailed this instead of clogging up your comments with my drivel....but thanks for the comment about my story. Also, I just read your "100 things about me" & I swear a few of them made me laugh out loud (#35 & 76 especially).