Monday, January 08, 2007

take two...

I just spent over an hour composing a post full of self-doubt and my computer froze and the post is gone...Is that the universe telling me to keep those thoughts to myself? perhaps. I have not the time or energy to try to recap it all. So no personal thoughts today. We are all probably better off. Perhaps I should start another blog for my ranting and self doubt and keep this one strictly knitting.

Needing motivation I have decided to join a Craftster Knitting Challenge. So far all is going well and I will give more details as my project progresses. I have also started a tessellating fish afghan to use up my acrylic stash. It is a fun project so far, very portable and I am really loving how the little fish are fitting together. I am weaving in the loose ends as I finish each fish so piecing together will not be so horrible. I will try to take pics tomorrow as it is dark now and we all know that my picture taking is sucky enough in daylight and downright craptastic at night....I blame the camera.

Twinkletoes is still waiting for it's mate. I really am not happy with the way the third attempt looks, but The Girl Wonder thinks they are cute, and she will not be wearing them to any beauty contests so I guess they will be fine. sigh. I hate "fine" I prefer "ohhh, those are awesome" but don't we all.

The Icarus Shawl is at that stage that I am really wishing the gnomes will complete the last pattern repeat for the first chart as I am bored with it....also, I realized I forgot a ssk about 8 rows back and can't decide if I want to ladder down and fix it or just do an extra ssk on the row I am on. No one would ever notice (except me that is). I do know I am not frogging those 8 rows because I can't bear to knit them again.

I hope y'all are keeping all your resolutions if you made them. I don't make new year resolutions...I make birthday resolutions...but I usually don't keep them either...

I just realized that in three days my blog will be 1 year old. I can't believe that I have stuck with it this I am notorious for starting things but not sticking with them.


del said...

Well, it sounds like you're doing just fine; nothing wrong with "fine". Better than awful! :-) That fishy afghan is cute--I'll have to add it to my list of to-do's.

uberstrickenfrau said...

Is your self doubt coming from homeschool? I know that plauges me ALL the time. I think I ought to start a blog nobody knows about and just whine and fret on it.;)
And your projects! Oh my, you are very busy! They all sound awesome.

Auntie Amanda said...

Uberstrickenfrau- a bit of the doubt is from homeschooling, but more it is along the lines of "is this it?" and "how will I define myself after my kiddos are out of school?"

Yarn It said...

I think a lot of SAHM moms have the feelings you are feeling. I admire that you homeschool your kids. I think I would loose my mind! That takes a lot of patience and strength.
After baby number four I decided that I needed to start doing somethings for myself - that would make me happier and a happier mom makes happier kids. So I started working out again and that is also when I picked up knitting. I also make a point to spend time with friends here and there. It does so much for my sanity.

The knitting challenge on Crafster looks like a lot of fun. I can't wait to see what you come up with!