Tuesday, March 27, 2007


but I am afraid it must remain a mystery until June... I finally finished my submission to Magknits which I have named "Lemonade". Well, the knitting portion of my submission...I still have to block and weave in many loose ends, but I am saving that tedious chore for the ride to the beach tomorrow. My son went last week with his grandparents (The Gaming One's M&P) and the Girl Wonder and I are leaving tomorrow to join them for the next week. It has been so quiet around here with just the older one here. She was at her Dad's house Friday, Saturday and Sunday so I had the entire quiet house to myself- a mama's dream, no kids and no husband for a few sweet days. The Girl Wonder has really spoiled me while she was here by letting me sleep late and making me coffee before she wakes me and generally being easy to please.

One thing I have noticed about myself where finishing knits are concerned- I suffer from a period of sadness after the knit is complete. I delayed this feeling with "Lemonade" by finding reasons not to finish it. I made a little crafty item for a swap I am doing with Steph but I will have to blog about that after she has received. I read blogs, surfed the web... I took over 6 hours to knit one row of the collar and bind off. As soon as I was finished, I found the long ago abandoned Icarus Shawl and started knitting away. I have about 10 more rows of the stockinette section before I can start the next chart. I am so ready to move on to a more challenging section. I will not subject you to another shrunken lace picture...lace is so pitiful before blocking.

The Girl Wonder and I took a walk yesterday and I came to an almost sickening conclusion- to passersby we do not look like mother and daughter... While this is great for my own ego, it scares the hell out of the Mama in me. She and I are the same height and weight, she has long blond hair and mine is dark brown. She is very mature for her age so she comes across as much older than she is. To make matters worse we live near a college campus and walk there often. Where there is a college campus there are dirty men yelling crude things out the window to the girls walking by. A carload of such dirty men passed us yesterday...after they slowed down the car to check us out and yell 'hey ladies' my blood started to boil. I turned to my daughter and said, "Sweetie, don't be surprised if you hear me yell "SHE IS ONLY 11 YOU PERVERT!" I told her I may even buy her a tee-shirt that says, "Quit staring. I'm 11" or "look at me again and BOTH my daddies will kick your ass". ack...I really am not ready for this...at least she is not interested in boys yet... God help the poor guy that checks her out within view of her dad or step-dad...that will be a very bad day indeed.

I don't know if I will be able to post during my time at the beach, but I will be back by next Friday!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're going on a vacation--and REALLY envious you had a house to yourself (what's that like anyway??).

My dd will soon be 11, so I know what you mean. Sometimes men can be total a**es. Why do they think they can yell at someone who's walking down the street (as if, that's our sole purpose of walking down a street--to get yelled at by jerks). *sigh*

Yarn It said...

A few days by yourself? My dream too. How very nice.

Sounds like you have a knock out for a daughter! That is scary when grown men shout at 11 year olds - or even teenagers for that matter. At least she has two men in her life that would do anything for her.

Enjoy your vacation and I can't wait to see Lemonade!

Natalie said...

Can't wait to see it. Great job.

Anonymous said...

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