Tuesday, March 13, 2007

good news/bad news

First the good news (two parts!)
part one: The Gaming One bought me/us a new digital camera so my knitting pics are going to kick ass! (if I can figure out how to work the camera *wink*)
part two: The sixth attempt at set-in sleeve construction actually fit the armhole!

Now for the bad news:
After sewing in the sixth attempted set-in sleeve I realized that the armhole is just a bit too snug for comfortable wear. When I say just a bit I mean less than an inch. Since there is neither time, money or extra arm padding to justify liposuction, I had to take out the sleeve seaming, undo the shoulder seams and add some length to both the front and the back. After all that (you guessed it- I have to reknit the sleeve...again).

I refuse to let this get the best of me. Even though I will not be able to submit this to Knitty, I refuse to leave it unfinished. I really love this design (although I might be a bit biased) and think I will wear it often.

Last night I asked The Girl Wonder if she thought I should just abandon the entire thing since there is no way I can actually meet my goal. Her response, "Wouldn't it just be a big waste of time if you gave up now?" That's my girl! It is hard to believe she is only ten (although she will be 11 in just a few short weeks).

Y'all can look forward to some awesome pics tomorrow (camera batteries have to charge) of my attempted Knitty submission.

Thanks for all the encouragement over the past few weeks- it is true that knitters are the best folks on earth! Y'all really have kept me focused and helped me at my lowest times!


Dawn said...

Couldn't you just finish it and hold off and submit it to knitty the next go around? You could wet our appetite with photos and such until then:) That does suck about the sleeve, but after all of that hard work you must be more determined than ever to get it done right.

Andrea said...

You could also submit to MagKnits also. You are not getting off the hook that easy. =)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see! And I hope you can submit it to Knitty anyway, if not now, then next time.

Yarn It said...

After reading these comments, I am wondering what you will do! Magknits is a great idea but I really want to see your pics. I have no doubt it is a great design!

I love your daughters thinking! Don't you love how kids can inspire us to go in the right direction?

Anonymous said...

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