Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I don't want to jinx it, but...

I finally knit a section of the Lovely Lacy Shawl without having to rip back to my lifeline! Since my last post I finished the third and fourth sections of the pattern...I also realized there are actually 8 sections to the pattern, but since one section is only 2 rows, it really does not make much of a difference. I am FINALLY able to look at a previous row and realize at that moment if the next stitch is the one that fits....I am no longer blindly following the pattern, stitch by stitch, preying that I won't look down five rows and notice a mistake. That being said, I will probably have a screaming fit after making a stupid mistake the next time I pick it up. I really hope it stretches a lot during blocking 'cause it is really looking small. I mean, I am petite (realized yesterday my 10yo Girl Wonder only weighs about 15lbs less than I do) but now it looks like it might fit a child much to young to be gifted a hand-knit lace shawl...

My Somewhat Cowl is also rapidly growing. I am now half finished with the optional waist decreases. I am beginning to think I should try this one on before moving along just to make sure it is gonna fit. This is the official tv watching project, easy-peasy lemon squeesy.

I am finally to the cuff of The Gaming One's first sock. It has become the official traveling project to ensure I finish it. Since I do not drive and all my family realizes I am knitting obsessed and no longer takes offense when I knit in their company, this can be quite a chunk of time. While at my Momma's house (knitting) I realized a few things...
1. I could have realistically knit The Gaming One the cardigan that he asked for in the time it is going to take me to knit these socks. I honestly thought they would be finished by now. I mean, come on, a month!?
2. He will never wear them outside the house because well, they are green...and wool.
3. If all else fails he can use them as christmas stockings. They honestly look that big. Fr reference sake, I have almost used the entire skein (231 yds.) of KnitPicks Essential (minus the heel and toe) for the first sock on sz 1 dpn's.

Here's what's happening in the greenhouse. Angracum is finally blooming after 4-5 years of thinking it would never bloom again. Darwin made a a really astute prediction about butterflies when he first laid eyes on Angracum. (You have to scroll down the page to the pictures of the flowers to see what what he thought.)

This oncidium smells like chocolate.

and since I love haiku...

the stanhopea

hovers bird-like in hopes of

sweet pollination

It is always a treat when this blooms because besides the fact that it's pollinator in the wild are birds, (hence the bird like shape-see the little eye?) they bloom from the bottom of the basket and the flower only lasts a day.


Persnickety Knitter said...

Your orchids are beautiful. Too bad the speckled one only blooms for a day. It seems such a waste.

Good luck finishing those giant socks. My husband doesn't even have very big feet (for a guy), but his socks seem to take forever.

jae said...

Yes, your orchids are beautiful!