Friday, June 08, 2007

unexpected motivation

When I first logged on to Ravelry I was really expecting to spend hours just looking around, drooling all over what others have made.

Then I realized...

  • the real fun was in entering my own projects and see who was making the same things.
  • it was frustrating to see someone mention a project but not have a picture of it.
  • I should upload some photos of my own before I started getting all uppity about someone else.
  • I would actually have to take the time to learn how to use my Flick'r account.
  • the hours of my "free time" I am going to lose to Flick'r.

I did not think that Ravelry would inspire me to clean up my blog appearance and knowledge. I have learned so much in the past few days, like

  • how to blog from Flick'r (that is where the cute baby in the hat post came from).
  • how to change my blog header the quick and easy way (I managed to do it the hard way last time).
  • how to put a Flick'r box in my sidebar.
  • what the hell a feed was and why I need ways to subscribe.
  • I am not as smart as I thought I was.

Next up is tagging...

  • my past blog posts
  • my Flick'r photos
  • my Ravelry projects

I ordered yarn to start the babette twin blankets in the following colors: Black, Truffle, Coast Grey, Sand Dune, Sunshine, Aloe, Dublin, Jade, Baby Blue, Capri, Deep Ocean, Dark Navy, Copper, Light Coral, Red Pepper and Fired Brick.


DAWN said...

You are to so smart. And you are making me jealous as all get out with all this Ravelry talk. I haven't gotten an invite yet. Sounds like you are having way to much fun.

Anonymous said...

WHEN am I going to get my invite? When?? I just hope I learn as many things as you have (especially how to change my blog's header). The colors for the blankets sound great; very non-traditional & non-pastel, which I love to see.

Yarn It said...

I am waiting for my invite too! I love your new header. It was the first thing I saw when your blog loaded....very pretty! I think it is great that you have learned new things - now you are inspiring me to do the same.

Andrea said...

I'm loving your new layout. Looking good!!! I'm still waiting to hear from Ravelry. I hope I get my invite soon. It sounds great.

Jocelyn said...

The new layout looks great! I'd meant to leave a comment mentioning that I'd done the meme, but I apparently got, uh, distracted. Unsurprising. I will post my spicy tuna recipe -- thanks for asking!

Enjoy that Ravelry for all of us who are waiting!

Amanda1 said...

Hi, I like your blog!

We're going to be homeschooling once my son is old enough. We've been looking into moving to NC, and are hoping that we will be there in a year or two once hubby finishes getting his degree. What part of NC do you live in?

I'll be praying for your grandparents. I'm sure it's hard to see them go through this.