Friday, June 01, 2007

Long time, no see!

I have been a very lazy blogger lately, but I have been knitting and spinning! I finished the first skein of the lace nightie for the KAL and it has sat on the needles for days because I was dreading winding the second skein of cashmere after I made such a mess of the first one. Last night I got the bright idea to make a swift out of Knex. I saw one on Craftster, but it was way more complicated than I thought I could make. This little baby worked like a charm! The Boy Wonder even told me I could keep all the Knex I used for it, which I thought was pretty sweet of him considering how much he enjoys playing with them.

Here are the two yarns I spun these past few weeks.... The first is 146 yds of wool (both were bonus fibers with other purchases so I do not know the type) Brown and black plied.

Here is another food color dyed roving... I was surprised how it spun up and very happy with the end results (102 yds)! The Girl Wonder and I each dyed roving and then she wanted me to teach her how to spin on the spinning wheel. She was very frustrated to start, but with a bit of practice and a lot of pre drafting she was spinning like a pro!


Anonymous said...

Wow, your own K-nex swift! :-) That yarn you spun is so beautiful!

Yarn It said...

You are doing a fantastic job with spinning! I am sooo impressed. My first skeins were a lumpy mess!

Love your swift too....that is so creative!

Katie said...

Hey! I also love the results of your spinning. I've never spun, and you make it look easy! The swift is genious, I've heard about using a lampshade as a swift, but using knex would make the process even more fun.

As for the finishing touches on my glee ~~ I realized yesterday that I packed glee in a box that's on it's way to San Fran, and I'm still in PA with the eyes and hooks, but I'll let you know how everything turns out once I'm on the west coast!

happy spinning:-D

Anonymous said...

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