Tuesday, July 17, 2007

pardon the absence

I've been slummin' with Knit's easy sister-Crochet. Why crochet? Well, after trying to mattress stitch my mitered squares, I realized that I would not enjoy stitching so many squares together and neither baby blanket project would ever be finished. Also, there was way too much worry and tears knitted into those blankies. And then this star shaped afghan called to me from craftster.

"mmmmaaaaaaake meeeeeeee"
but I can't follow crochet instructions
"that's why you have internet"
but I have already started these others
"look at me. no picking up stitches or binding off. I'm fast and easy. you know you want to."
yes. come to me crochet.

It took a few rounds and a couple (or six) start overs before I realized that all this time (since I learned when I was 11) what I thought was the first stitch is actually the second stitch. Armed with this all important tidbit of crochet know-how I was 'cookin' with gas' as my Grandma would say! I love this pattern. I am frogging the four squares I knit for the babette log cabin babies as I crochet- I still plan on using most of the colors (there were a few that just won't do. This is so fast and easy! There is joy crocheted into this baby's blanket! My pregnant friend's condition has been totally cured thanks to her operation and she is on her way home! WOO-HOO! I hope she likes the blankets as much as I do. Here is three days worth of crochet. love.

I have only been allowing myself to knit mitered squares for the baby blanket on the sidebar (are you laughing as hard as I am at 48!! mitered squares). After mattress stitching the first 4 square group I made the executive decision that this blanket will have 4 large squares (16 mitered squares- not quite as an insane goal) and a border picked up around the edges until I run out of yarn. I have two squares left to knit. Then blocking/sewing together. Then blocking/picking up stitches and knitting border. then blocking once more-you know for fun. After seaming the first two squares without blocking and seaming the third square after blocking-I highly suggest blocking. It just makes life so.much.easier.

The baby shower is this Saturday.

If I can just put down that damn crochet hook maybe I will finish.

Did I forget to mention I also plan on lining the back of the blanket so the wrong side is pretty?

Have a lovely week!


DAWN said...

Make sure to take a picture of it lined, I'd love to see that. It is really pretty. I made a smaller version for my dogs (it sits under their water dish).

Anonymous said...

Yay for you & for your friend! I need to learn to crochet now...

Yarn It said...

I am sooo glad for your friend! That is wonderful news!

Crochet certainly has it's place. I learned to do that first. Prefer knitting but like to crochet at times. The star looks great!

Andrea said...

I love it!! You did a nice job. I've been working on the pinwheel blanket. I might take it out and make this instead. It would definitely go a lot faster. I am so happy for your friend.