Monday, July 09, 2007


I just talked to my pregnant friend (mentioned here and here and here if you are interested in the back story) and she was able to have the fetoscopic laser photo coagulation performed to separate the twins blood supply. She is not out of the woods so to speak, but this is very, very good news and she is so relieved. So far everything looks good and the twins seem to be fine. She has named the little ones Michah and Robert. Also she honored me in the most sincere way possible by asking me to be their Godmother! These kiddos are going to be smothered in knitted goodness. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers- apparently God has been listening.

I have also been overwhelmed by the response from fellow Craftsters to Lemonade. I feel so much better about not getting selected to be published. The sting of denial is gone. I know I will try again to be published but will submit to Knitty next time as I kinda felt misled by Magknits. I say misled because I actually received an email from the Magknits editor stating that my pattern would be included in the July issue... fuck it- their loss...


Yarn It said...

First off, I am so glad there is hope for your friend and her babies. That is wonderful news!

I am also glad that you are changing your views on the Magknits issue. It is their loss. Try and try again! You have the talent.

soknitpicky said...

Good news for your friend!

I wandered over from craftster. That is a great pattern and also a great version of the nightie/tank

Anonymous said...

LOL, that last line made me laugh!

I am so happy to hear about your friend; I hope the good news continues for her. You better get on those blankets then :-)

Allison said...

This pattern is fabulous. If you don't get a future pattern published in Knitty or MagKnits, email me and I'll sell it for you. Even better if you use a yarn I carry. You would probably make more money in the end over the $50 that Knitty pays (I think?) Seriously - email me. I am always looking for new, good patterns like this one.

Nicole said...

thanks for posting your comment. i noticed my "wonky" v's but wasn't sure if i was doing something wrong, or if it was just the yarn that i was using (since i used the same brand for the dishcloth and the sweater.)

i'll head over to the site you pointed me to and see what the deal is (since Kate my knitting guru is spending the summer in California).

by the way, i drool over your patterns. i can't wait to build enough skill to make one of them. i've been crocheting my whole life and haven't found very nice patterns. i'm excited to have my world opened up.

and yes, their loss.