Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Still Slummin'

with the crochet, that is. I have restarted the blankets for the super twins yet again and got this far before realizing that I will need at least 9 more skeins to finish them both. Swish is holding up quite nicely with all the frogging, so I think these will be pretty durable. After finishing the mitered blanket (Thanks for all the sweet comments by the way!) I again have the post knitting letdown. I have not knit a stitch until today. I knit a total of three rows on my Icarus shawl. I have two rows of the last chart to finish and then whatever line by line instructions for finishing/ binding off and I will finally be finished. The Gaming One's family reunion is this weekend (yay, three days in the beautiful mountains!) so I will probably take it to occupy the six hour drive. I just might get it finished by the end of the weekend!

I am feeling *blah* lately. I am not really sleeping well and generally feel disconnected from reality. Nothing bad is going on in my personal life, except that I have come to the conclusion that I drink too much and really need to cut back. I have not drank at all since last Friday. That is around 20+ alcoholic drinks I have not drank that I normally would have...My liver feels better already! It is not to the point that I drink in the morning or around my kids and it does not affect my relationships. I don't lie about how much I drink or hide booze. I have not hit rock bottom...but, I can see that road in the distance. Boy is it bumpy...


Anonymous said...

Love those stars & I hope you get a lot of knitting done on your trip. Although I know what you mean about post-project letdown...I go through it, too.

Hope you feel more like yourself soon!

Yarn It said...

The blankets are beautiful! I think they are a wonderful gift.

The part about the drinking - the good thing is that you realize it. Most people don't and I am glad to hear you are taking steps to take care of yourself. I have been there and it is easy to do when things are not quite right (even if you don't know why!). hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I give you a lot of credit for seeing the problem this could cause in the future and doing something about it. I just lost a relationship due to his drinking and not seeing it as a problem. Love to read your blog too.

Susan said...

Oh, I so know what you mean! My hubby and I are wine lovers. When we get home from work we were really enjoying our repeated glasses of wine, not realizing that we were polishing off at least 2 large bottles a night. EEK. No wonder I was having a hard time sleeping and working! So we just decided to only drink wine on weekends, which has been a great compromise. Now we do put a little shot of something in a very large glass of iced tea, which gives a nice effect without getting beyond tipsy.
Another upside is that we're both losing weight without really trying. Yippee!
I love your patterns and your blog.