Friday, August 31, 2007

what to do

instead of bitching and moaning about how I hate August? I decided to usher it's irritating ass out with a bang. I cannot bear another round of dad's socks. I have finished the heel shaping and just have to knit them long enough to fit his size 11's. All I can say is I am glad he prefers short socks. I do love the pattern, though, it has just enough twisty ribbing to keep it interesting for those that do not worship at the alter of sock knitting.
Pattern: Gentleman Socks from the Fiber Fool
Needles: size us2 dpn's
Yarn: Trekking XXL yarn
I have been so jealous of Lara, since she was one of the cool kids that knew about Mystery Stole 3. So, after reading about Secret of the Stole on Ravelry, I signed right up without a second thought. I also decided that I would spin my own yarn for this stole since the KAL does not begin until October 5 and 'hello, still bored and unmotivated here'- I need a challenge and spinning 1200 yds of laceweightish yarn right is up my alley. I have a pound of white roving (85% wool, 15% mohair) from Sheep Shed Studio burning a hole in my stash close- finally it has a purpose! It is perfect timing because the first clue comes out on my dad's birthday and I need to finish his socks by then.

I managed to spin this bobbin full last night. My spinning has come to a halt in the past few months because I had cotton on the bobbin and really wanted to finish spinning all 8 ounces, but I hate it! It is so slow going and the resulting yarn is not even that nice. But I have plans for that little bit of yarn, oh yes! I decided to wind it off and be done with it. Anyone interested in learning to spin cotton? You can see the color here (it is the last post on the page by Awynkoop). I have about 5 ounces left and will send it to the first person that asks for it for the cost of shipping-frankly, I am tired of it mocking me. Leave me your email addy because Blogger's stupid commenting system leaves me no way to get in touch with you otherwise.

Now I'm off to spin and drink a few Newcastles. Cheers!


DAWN said...

ahh, I love Newcastle! Yumm.

TheSteph said...

Trekking is an awesome yarn. Love the colors.

and mmmm.... love those newcastles! :)

Tonite, for me--gotta have the Pinot Noir! Still loving the Dyed in the Wool. You should try it!

Anonymous said...

Those look like they're going to be some soft, soft socks...gotta try Trekking! That's a LOT of spinning you did, wow.

And now it's September, yay!!

Marnie said...

Um, well, I'd love to try to spin it but I'm not sure I'm able. if someone else hasn't claimed it, I'd be willing to try :)

Nautical Knitter said...

Glad to have you aboard the Secret of the Stole KAL. I am looking forward to seeing your stole done in the yarn you have spun. Fair Winds