Thursday, July 03, 2008

unable to remain monogamous

to projects, that is... (hi, Sweetie! Still being faithful to you!) After working only on the Heirloom Shawl and adding over 11 unstretched inches of progress since I last blogged about it my fingers started itching for something else to do. My brain started begging me for an easier project. The charts for the shawl are broken up into many small charts, with sections of certain charts needing to be repeated. IMHO this is a pretty shitty pattern- the shawl will totally be worth it, but it is a bitch to try to figure it out. The written directions contain errors. The charts contain errors. I am in a KAL on Ravelry for this pattern, but I am the farthest along in the pattern, so I am on my own for now. I got a little break making the bookmark for my Great Aunt, but I needed something totally mindless...
and quick and easy crochet came to my rescue once again. This is the same yarn that I used to start a kitchen rug with the stitch pattern from My So Called Scarf last November. Although I really liked the stitch pattern, knitting with it killed my wrists after just a few rows so into the frog pond it went. After a quick Ravelry search, I found the perfect project for my state of mind- it was quick, easy, mindless, and served a purpose. Behold, after just three days, my almost finished 9-sided Kitchen Mat. The red yarn marks the beginning of round spot, and I have white yarn marking the line of increases, so there is no thinking or counting-only the very satisfying monotony of half-double crochet, around and around and around. The funky colorway is perfect for the stuck-in-the-70's harvest gold stove with matching linoleum. Ahhhhhh, that is just what I needed. I have that one ball of yarn left and it will be finished- at the rate I am going I should have that finished off by tonight or tomorrow.Then the lace bug cast-on-itis bit me on Tuesday and I started another Swallowtail Shawl. As is my tradition in knitting this shawl, this one is also a gift. It is for my Grandmother for her birthday in early August. I managed 6 pattern repeats before putting it down for the night. I am using yarn left over from Savannah, I am thinking there should be plenty left for this. I love the idea of having a shawl made out of the same yarn as my Grandmother. She really isn't a 'shawl person' so to speak, but I am sure she will appreciate it and perhaps wear it to church a time or two! Poor unblocked lace is so unimpressive. You just wait until you are blocked and you will be a beauty for sure!

I hope each and every one of you (my USA readers) have a wonderful and relaxing 4th of July! Don't forget to remind your kiddos about the true reason behind this celebration, and say a prayer (or send out some good vibes) for all the Men and Women in the Armed Services that sacrifice so much to ensure our continuing freedom. As for me, I will be busy as a bee. My baby boy celebrates his 7th birthday on Saturday so I have lots of cleaning, cooking, and decorating to do before the party.


Maia said...

I totally know the startitis bug! A gift for your Grandmother is a worthy reason to start a new project. I love the color!

Happy 4th. My dog is barking like crazy at all the fireworks.

Yarn It said...

You have a lot of good knitting going on there! I love the kitchen mat! Great colors.

I am glad to hear your son had a great birthday - and that you were thanked! That would make my day too. What a sweet hubby you have!