Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stashed projects

I went through all my yarn-stashing spots today and realized I have quite a few projects that are in need of finishing. Between now and March 1st I am going to see how many of them I can complete...

  • fish blanket

  • Noro log cabin pillow

  • alpaca fetchings

  • dishcloths

  • amigurumi stuffie

  • felted viking hat

  • baby-sized turn a square

  • fan scarflette

  • Sublime gathered scarflette

  • thinking woman's shawl

  • lovely lacy shawl

  • crochet patchwork afghan

  • lemonade v.2

  • lap babette

  • little brown and white pillow

  • 5 snowflakes

I joined the Ravelry Group Finish me! to encourage myself to get some stuff finished. Anyone else have tons of ufo's hiding and want to join me?


Yarn It said...

that is quite a list! I am curious to see how much you get done. I am sure you will succeed! I have a couple UFO's so maybe I will join too!

Andrea said...

My list was like that last year. It's not so long now. I'll be plugging away at my list during this year. Some of them are Spring/Summer knits that I'd actually like to wear this year.

Anonymous said...

I thought my little 6 project list was bad, hee hee. I've gone through a recent finising bout and boy, does it feel good. I can't wait to see how many you complete!

thesteph said...

Oh man! I really need to finish a couple of things... Very tempting. :) Might just join.