Saturday, July 22, 2006

I am the luckiest woman alive....

I love blogs, but even more I love the links on other people's blogs. So far, I have only really ventured into the blogs of other knitters, but today I stumbled onto this site. After reading a few of the posts there I realized I have a confession of my own. I am indeed the luckiest woman alive. While my husband is not perfect, neither am I. But he loves me anyway and I love him back.
holds me when I cry-even if it is about something silly
tickles me just to hear my laugh
gets up early with the kids and lets me sleep til noon-even though he stays up much later than I
tell me I am the standard by which he measures all other hot chicks
lets me be me
never berates me
stands up for me-even to his parents
cooks me dinner even though he has worked all day and I have been home
is a loving, caring father
lets me have the last beer
tells me he is a success because of me
takes the kids grocery shopping so I can have time to myself
then brings me home a treat
doesn't say anything if the house is a mess
is fantastic in bed and makes sure I always get mine first (and second and third)
is always honest with me
encourages me to knit because it makes me happy
calls me at 12:34 just to tell me he loves me
tucks me into bed
kisses me in public
is nice to my family
never complains that I don't drive
really listens to me when I talk
calms my fears
rids me of my insecurities
gives great advice
lists me as "Sweetie" on his cell phone
is my best friend

really the list could go on and on and on...
I love this man so much sometimes I think my heart will burst.


Yarn It said... are lucky. Not many women have a husband like that in their lives. And the best part is that you know it and appreciate it. Good for both of you!

del said...

Awwwww, you ARE lucky! :-) Don't you wish everyone had a DH that great?