Sunday, August 06, 2006

knitting? what knitting?

It is too hot to knit, please send cold beer.

Seriously, I have hardly knit a stitch. I did manage to completely finish (ok ok I did not block it yet) the silk corset top. but of course, the camera batteries are dead. The Razor Cami is coming along slowly. I am trying to make the top a little more bra friendly, but my first attempt was not quite to my liking so I frogged back about 4 inches to try again. I am also dealing with the fact that I am quickly running out of the color I started it in and may not have enough to finish. Fuckety fuck fuck.
I am feeling the urge to start something new...I think it just may be socks for The Gaming One. After much thought, I have decided I am not going to knit him a cardigan although he says he wants one. Why not? 1. He never wears sweaters- not even in winter. 2. He wants a plain stockinette stitch cardigan (boring) 3. He is 6'7 so it would take me months to finish it.
I broke the news to him gently, and offered to make him socks instead. I should be able to finish them in about the same time it would take me to knit a top for myself. He has the biggest feet I have ever seen...10.5" around the ball of foot, 11.5" from heel to toe. And ladies what you hear about big feet is true! *wink* they need the big socks! tee hee!
Only 3 days until our 5 day family reunion in the mountains! I cannot wait! I hope to have lots of time for knitting, much red wine and lots of togetherness!


jae said...

I hear ya on the hot weather! It stumps my knitting too. In any case good idea on not knitting the cardi, sounds like lotsa yarn would be involved. Family reunion? wine? sounds like lotsa fun.

Yarn It said...

You know, sometimes you just need a knitting break....and that's ok. I have done it too. I don't blame you on the cardi for your hubby. Sounds like a lot of work. Take your time on the knitting...but I am still looking forward to seeing that corset!!

TheSteph said...

Why don't we blog anymore? I mean Seriously. I don't know why.

P.S. I've been sewing more than knitting, and even THAT's hot. :)