Friday, September 07, 2007

SOTS swatch

I hope I have enough handspun to knit the entire stole. I ended up with 1234 yds. and the pattern calls for 1200 yds. I knit my swatch last night, and have decided to use US5 needles. I really want a stole that is a bit more substantial than normal lace. After all, I want this to keep me warm! I used a little trick I seem to remember from an episode of Knitty Gritty to mark the needle size on my swatch. I started swatching with size 4 (the size called for in the pattern), for the bottom set of squares. Then on the next set I used size 5 needles, to remind myself of this I worked 5 yo, k2tog sts at the beginning of that set (see the 5 holes between the pattern repeats? That is my needle size!) handy dandy!
I am so excited to get started!

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Maryse said...

That sure is a cool swatch!