Wednesday, January 25, 2006

feeling like a junkie...

So many knitters relate knitting to an addiction and I am beginning to think they may be onto something. I was so excited all day yesterday, knowing the pinwheel baby blanket would soon be finished and ready to give to my cousin (she is doing better day by day!) as I quickly knitted and purled the last row and connected the end of the border to the beginning, my fingers almost tingled in excitement! I felt like a girl about to have her first real kiss... I weaved in the last few loose ends (I did most as I went along) and was done. I lovingly spread the blanket out on my coffee table, helped myself to another beer, and sat back to admire my handiwork. My joy, or knitter's high, if you will, did not even last as long as my congratulatory beer. Halfway through I was itching for another "fix" and had used up my stash of really good "drugs". Unlike some of you seasoned knitters out there, yarn has yet to become an addiction, I only buy yarn when I have a project in mind. I have a bag of odds and ends, but not enough of anything that sings a siren song leading me to a project. Fingers itching, restless I flip through my patterns hoping a little project will call out to me, but the time The Gaming One comes home I am sulking on the sofa on the brink of PKD (Post Knitting Depression) feeling really sorry for myself.
Him:"Oh, Sweetie, your blanket looks great!"
Me:"Thanks, I am really happy with it."
Him:"Honey, what's wrong?"
Me:"I just feel a letdown now that it is all done."
Him:"I thought you would be happy to be finished, you were looking forward to it so much!"
Me:"I am happy it is finished, especially since I have to give it to Cousin K tomorrow. I am just a little bummed because now I have nothing to knit."
Him:"uh, huh." He looks at me like I am crazy, knowing there is nothing he can do except let me wallow in my own self pity, so he does just that.
I finish my beer, shower and head to bed..visions of new knits dancing in my head...

FO Haiku

Oh, finished object
beautiful, yet depressing
I hope you bring joy.

So here is the finished blanket, which will be going to its new home today. Hopefully one day I will learn how to really use all the bells and whistles on my digital camera soI can actually take good pictures, but you get the idea...


Anonymous said...

I love that blanket! Do you have an estimate on the time it took? Just curious - I might have to make one for an upcoming wee one!

Also, I had almost the same discussion with my husband when I finished a project the other day. He never quite got it...

Barbara said...

well put!! If you don't mind- I'd like to put your haiku in my blog- it's so true!!

I really like the blanket- the use of colored stripes is really awesome!!

Auntie Amanda said...

Thanks for comments...
princessliak, it took about 3 weeks from start to finish, 2 of which was spent on the leafy edge.

Barbara, I would love to share my haiku! Post away

pohgranny said...

reehBorder on blanket, I have found the pattern in the web but was wondering how to do the border you show on your blanket.

Thanks, Sue
could you resond to