Sunday, January 22, 2006

Yes ladies and gents...she can be taught!!

Happy day for Me! I have been coveting the cool Wip Progress bars and KAL Buttons that all you other knit bloggers have on your blogs and for the life of me could not figure out how to do it. So I decided to stalk some bloggers on Craftster to see who had 'em...Well, I stumble across
Sarah's Ramblings and think "hey, Maybe she will help me" So I mosey back onto Craftster and send her a PM begging for assistance....Not only did she give me great directions the same day, she didn't even make me feel stupid or anything! It was actually quite easy when I got down to it! So One Thousand thank yous go out to Sarah! You have made my day!
On the knitting front....The baby blanket is almost done and the end is now in sight! Hopefully I can finish it tonight while I watch all my stories...Thank you DVR you are indeed better than sliced bread!


Scoutj said...

But see, then you have to really be honest about other WIP's!!! lol

Auntie Amanda said...

I try not to have too many projects going at once. I generally like to procrastinate, and not finish what I start. But with my knitting, I just do not buy yarn for a project until I have finished my previous one.