Friday, May 04, 2007

Birthday goodies (part 1)

First of all I ordered A Gathering of Lace. It just arrived this morning so I have not had time to really do more than flip through it. Although I won't be knitting every pattern in this book there are quite a few that I am lusting after. It seems to be very informative and the pictures are beautiful! Those big balls are one pound of roving from The Sheep Shed Studio -the most awesome place ever to buy roving. It took less than a week to be shipped and came with some bonus black fiber. It is white wool (I have no idea what kind- I am still very new to this spinning thing) with a strip of mohair running through it. I gave it a test spin and it was a bit trickier to spin than the (unknown) fiber that came with my spindle as it was very slippery and had a staple length of more than 6 inches. It is so soft though and after I get the hang of it I am sure I will love it. So far I just want to pet it. After The Gaming One saw it he told me he hoped he also bought me a machine to spin it on, so there may also be a spinning wheel in my near future...
On the knitting front: I finally finished Rusted Root last night. Although The Gaming One really likes it, I am not thrilled. The puffy sleeves were my favorite aspect of the top, but I guess I must have wider shoulders than the model cause my sleeves, they have no poof. Pics to come after it is dry and finished blocking.
As for A Fish a Day in May, I am right on track! Three days down, three fish knit.
Have a great weekend y'all!


Yarn It said...

No one that has knitted this top yet has come out with puffy sleeves! I think there is a flaw in the pattern. I liked the puffy sleeve thing but didn't get them. Can't wait to see yours. I didn't know you you spin too! I just started and love it. Are you doing to dye the roving or use as is?

Amanda said...

I have not decided if I want to dye it or not...I think it depends on what it looks like spun.