Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Birthday Goodies part 2

I got the last of my birthday goodies in the mail yesterday! Here are two that I have been wanting for ages now- a ball winder and cashmere yarn. However, I now realize why ball winders are often sold with swifts... I made such a tangled mess of of my first skein of cashmere it took over two hours to untangle it all. The only thing that saved the cashmere tangle from being thrown in the trash was well, it's cashmere! and softer than any baby's bottom I ever felt (and it smells better). I did get a great deal from PlumKnit on the two 4 ply skeins (200yds each) and they even came with a 20% off coupon on my next order. Cynthia was very nice, the shipping was super quick and I will definitly buy from her again. I think this cashmere is destined to become something a little lacy meant to be worn next to the skin- a sexy little camisole more than likely. Perhaps another little something meant for publication.

I adore the pretty little yarn cakes the ball winder makes and I gave it another try on some KnitPicks Superwash wool that I bought for a baby blanket for my ex SIL ( I still love my ex's family like my own). It is so odd that both my best friend from high school and my ex SIL got pregnant at about the same time and are due within a month of eachother...That means there will be lots of baby knitting here as I have to knit for 3 very special babies. I picked out the Psychedelic Squares Afghan to make for ex SIL in shades of blue and green. I knocked out one square last night and love the results...I love the pictures across the web from Mason Dixon Knitting and even entertained the idea of buying the book, however I have found that the patterns I like the most can be found free on the web or figured out just by looking at a picture (such as the log cabin and Moderne blankets)...it must be great to get famous for publishing a book of patterns that have been around for ages...sorry, not to sound like sour grapes or anything...I am sure those ladies are very nice and the book must have something to offer (clever writing perhaps) to be so popular.

Rounding out the birthday goodies is 10 skeins of Knitpicks Ambrosia (80% alpaca, 20% cashmere) in color Mulled Wine. (sorry for the lack of link...I have already lost this post two times when I navigate to another page- IE just shuts down and my window closes- and I have not the time to type it all again.)

In A fish a day in May news: I am meeting my goal so far...7 days, 7 fish bringing my grand total to 25 fish!

I have also managed to knit 6 dishcloths for my dishcloth for every day of the week project. (Actually, I knit 7 but my sister took one home with her after helping me with the dishes one night while the family was visiting. She agrees they are the best for washing up!)

That is all for now, Have a great week!


Yarn It said...

So glad you got a ball winder! They are fun and the yarn cakes are so nice. The swift does help keep the yarn from tangling though.

You ended up with some nice birthday gifts. Perfect for a knitter!

Amysatx said...

Yay for your keeping up with the "Fish A Day in May!" I'm keeping up too (8 fish in 8 days) but I'm not knitting anything else. It's my busy time workwise and I have company coming for a few days next week. Keep it up!! Happy Belated Birthday!!

Dawn said...

I love my ball winder now all I need is a swift and my days would be complete. I love that Psychedelick Squares Afghan. I've seen lots of those squares on the web and they are so cool.