Friday, May 18, 2007

there is a first time for everything

I LOVE MY WHEEL! *ahem* now that that's out of the way....Yesterday after 4 o'clock, I was left to my own devices (another long child-free weekend for me, Woo-hoo!) and decided I would try to handpaint roving. I decided to use the food coloring/microwave method because it seemed the easiest and fastest. I decided to only dye 1 ounce of roving in case something went horribly wrong and it ended up looking like ass or felting in the microwave. There are tons of great tutorials for this, just ask my friend Google, so I won't go into all the details, but I will say this, I did not measure anything. I used the glug-glug method of adding vinegar to both the dye and the water I soaked the yarn in. Start to finish I think the entire dying process took 30 minutes. I spun the roving, wound it into a center pull skein, then plied from each end. All told it ended up being 50 yds. I am pleased with the results and I will be doing this again! Back in December, The Gaming One asked me to knit a lil something for one of his co-workers that was expecting. This morning she sent me pictures of her little cutie modeling the knits! AWWWWW! Isn't she so cute!? It's enough to make my ovaries hurt!
Just look at those little feet!

Even with all the spinning and dying I still managed to knit my fish for "a Fish a day in May" bringing my grand total to 33- only 69 to go! I also knit 4 more rows on is amazing how much free time a SAHM has when there are no little people to take care of!

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Amysatx said...

Way to go for keeping up with the fish! I had one day where I ended up frogging the fish for the day and was too tired to start another one. The next day I knit two so I was back on track. Only 11 days left!!!