Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I woke today with a sore throat before 6am. Now I know this does not seem too early for some of your poor, poor women that have public schooled children, but this is about 4 hours before my normal wake up time. I realized exactly how good I have it as I tossed and turned in bed, trying to go back to sleep and I heard a rumbling outside. It was still dark mind you and I was thinking, "is that the garbage truck a day early?" Then I realized that it was the school bus! At 6:15! AM! Then I kinda figured in my head how early I would have to get up every single day to ensure my darling children made it to school on time if they attended public school. I think I then did a full body shudder and decided to take advantage of the few quiet hours before the kiddos woke up and drug my sleep deprived ass out of bed. To all you Mama's out there with kiddos that do have to be awake (especially if they are like mine and can roll out of bed, hit the floor and still stay asleep), washed, brushed, dressed (in matchy outfits and not pjs), packed (homework, books, permission slips, oh, my!), fed and hustled off to catch the bus before the fucking sun even peeks itself over the horizon...My hat is off to you. All of you. Homeschooling is a cakewalk compared to all that.

The following are a few knitterly things I just don't get. (Please realize, sweet readers, if any of these things appeal to you, do not take it as a personal attack- I love all y'all! Stand up for the things you love! Drop me a comment and tell me why they appeal to you, perhaps you may help me see the light -except with the fun fur, I will never get that.)
1. fingerless gloves- who has cold hands and hot fingers?
2. those new Harmony Needles- granted I have neither knit with them or seen them in person, but I just think they are kinda gaudy.
3. Giant gauge garments- quick? yes. flattering? not quite sure.
4. magic striping yarn...besides Trekking XXL and Noro (I love that stuff). Gradual color shifts are fine the other is just a bit much.
5. Fun Fur-I think that one needs no explanation
6. Art Yarn-what the hell do you use it for? It just confuses me.

After finishing The Gaming One's quilt I have been itching to try to make another one. Damn, I thought knitting was an expensive hobby! A quilting fix is going to break the bank in this single income family! But they are so pretty and tempting! Maybe I can sell plasma (I would have to gain a few pounds first) or sell my golden eggs since I don't really need any more of them... decisions, decisions...


Knot Another Knitter said...

Fingerless gloves is easy - for people who work on markets who need fingers free to handle cash :) But yes, you are right, there will never ever ever be an excuse or a good reason for the existence of fun fur!

Yarn It said...

You are too funny. It is hard getting the kids off in the morning...but homeschooling is hard too because they are with you ALL DAY! I get a break now that all my kids are in school and/or preschool.

I like fingerless gloves (though I don't have any!). I think they are cute and I can see the need to have "free" fingers like your first commenter said.

Cass said...

I am so with you on the kid thing- I could never get my kids up for school.

And I ADORE my fingerless gloves. I can knit while wearing them, and keeping my wrists warm keeps me warm. Plus I can flip off people like you, who don't like them. ;)

And I also adore my Harmony DPNs. The colors are nice, IMO, but the finish is wonderful and the points are perfect. I wish they made them in straights. :)

Marnie said...

Having kids seems like a lot of work, period. Hats off to you.

I like fingerless gloves for autumn/spring days. Sometimes it's just cool enough that the little bit of extra coverage allows me to knit outside. I also gave a pair to my brother who was trying to be frugal with the house heat and he said it was great for typing in his chilly apartment. You get enough extra warmth but with no loss of tactile sensation.
Even those little wrist bands can add a surprising level of warmth. For laughs, take me up on this idea and grab some warm wool and knit a 4 inch wrist band for yourself. Wear it on a cool evening and remove it and I promise you will notice a real difference.

As for the harmony wood, not my thing but I also don't use wooden needles

Giant gauge: has a time and place and I've seen it done in a cute way but it's hard to get right.

Self striping/patterning yarn can work up really nicely and I think it makes for very cute accessories. I prefer it to products like the ones Noro makes, actually, because it's computer dyed so if you happen to find a knot or need to start a new skein, you can match up the pattern perfectly. It really upsets my sensibilities when, a noro piece has an obvious line of delineation where the knitter hit a knot.
my 2¢ :)

Donna said...

I like fingerless gloves for driving and such, but for wearing just outdoors, give me regular gloves.

The KP harmony needles are not so gaudy in person. I have a set of the tips (to go with my Options) and they are actually quite nice to use.

Fun fur? Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it speaks to my absolute selfishness that I'd rather wake up early & get my kids the hell out of the house to school instead of dealing with them all day that makes me not homeschool. In theory, homeschooling sounds like a dream to me. With other kids. Not mine. Or my kids with different behavior patterns. ;-)

Anyway, I feel you on everything on that list except for the harmony needles. Granted, I don't own any, but I think they're kind of pretty. Here in Florida, fingerless gloves don't make sense. And fun fur never makes sense. Ever.

Tucker said...

I'm kind of on the fingerless glove diggin spectrum. Everything else on your list is spot on. I hate, hate, hate fun fur and will go to my grave screaming of its fugness.

sara said...

I pray that no one has an argument in favor of fun fur. Bleh!! But fingerless gloves, yes, those are good.

I guess the quilting bug has bitten you too :) You could go to goodwill and buy clothes with fabrics you like for cheap and make a quilt with those, yay for recycling! Im planning on doing that soon and a couple of girls in my class have started working on theirs and they are awesome.

Im just curious about your decision to homeschool (I think its fantastic that you do it btw). Is it religious or for other reasons?

rupestur said...

Okay, I'm in the minority here, but here goes...

The stuff that's actually ::called:: Fun Fur is gross. It's all shiny and oogy.

However, furry nylon yarn that has a lovely matte finish like the stuff I use to make my creatures with is something I've developed a taste for. But I stand by that the ONLY THING it should ever be used for is toys, or some sort of stripper's scarf. That is all.


MadMad said...

Ha! I laughed about the fingerless gloves! I think they're just easier to knit, so we convince ourselves they work.... but yeah, you're right. But this waking up at 10 a.m. thing? Really?

Persnickety said...

I find fingerless gloves nice when I'm using the computer late at night in the winter in a cold house. They help keep my hands a little warmer.

I'm with you on the joys of a nonrushed homeschool morning. One of the reasons I homeschool is not having to adhere to the public school's schedule. It's so nice not having to wake up to an alarm.

Anonymous said...

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