Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whole lotta craftin' going on!

I am 110yds into the Tyrolean Stockings. This was the perfect project for the beach while the kiddos frolicked in the ocean waves. Quite a few ladies stopped to ask what I was knitting and gushed about the beauty of the cables. I think I even convinced one lady to give cables a try! The stockings soaked up the sunshine and lovely memories. I am sure to remember this end of summer fun when I put these on this dreary, cold winter. I have officially changed my mind about knitting long as they are for me and knit on size US4 needles. I have gotten quite a bit farther since this pic and am almost ready to start on the heel. I also managed to finish the first clue of The Secret of the Stole. So far I am loving the pattern (two points! how clever!) and very happy with the fabric my handspun is creating. This is sure to be a warm wrap when it is finished.

I have also jumped on the Babette bandwagon. I do not have the magazine, so I am just winging the pattern based on pictures I have seen on the web. I am using the leftover Knit Picks Swish from the Super Twin's Starghans. I have decided to seam and weave in the ends as I go along so I can keep up with my squares and so I won't abandon the project when it comes time for that last crucial step. So far, so happy!

The quilting bug has officially bit me (thank you very much, Sara I officially blame/give credit to you!). I decided not to sell my Golden Eggs- seems like most people do not want donated eggs that have been thoroughly bathed in alcohol...go figure.) Instead, I decided to seek out a deal on Ebay on a lot of Amy Butler fabric to make another practice quilt. $25 for 7 yds of fabric...not too much to spend if I manage to fuck it all up. I am sewing strips together then will cut them and rearrange them...strip piecing I think it is called. I am taking the time to *gasp* measure and iron as I go along and it is making quite a difference.

I loved reading all your responses to Rambling, I guess I will have to give the fingerless gloves a try after such overwhelming support. MadMad, yes I normally get to sleep until 10am. Both my kiddos are old enough to make cereal at least when they wake (usually around 9am) and The Girl Wonder will sometimes cook eggs or oatmeal if she is not in the mood for a cold breakfast. We often have elevensies, just like the Hobbits, consisting of hot tea for the kids, coffee for me and pancakes, waffles or muffins. Speaking of muffins, I also tried the best recipe ever for Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffins! I made them to take to the beach and I think they got better every day. I suggest you try it if ever you have an hour or so. I made them in a 9X9 pan instead of muffin pan so the cooking time almost doubled, but they were moist and delicious- so much so that The Boy Wonder referred to it as "cake". I am going to make them again this week and see if I can make them a little more healthy (a little bran and whole wheat flour instead of all white flour, perhaps add applesauce instead of some of the oil.) and will report back.


Persnickety said...

Your socks are coming along great. I've put that pattern in my queue.

And that recipe sounds really good. I'd like to hear how your attempt to make the recipe healthier works out.

rupestur said...

Your philosophy on the socks cracks me up-- "as long as they are for me and knit on size US4 needles." Nice one, totally relate to that. The stole is coming along sweetly!

The quilting stuff makes me wish my fabric box wasn't hidden underneath lots of pieces of furniture at the moment, for sure. Although I'm not too good about ironing and measuring, I'm sort of half-assed about sewing!

(Oh, and I'm totally going to email you about homeschooling! I do have some questions.)

Anonymous said...

Babette is so pretty! And I love the socks, though I'm crazy & knit them for other people, too.

Glad to see you're having such a fabulous time.

Yarn It said...

Those socks are looking great! The cables are beautiful. Love your stole and your handspun is knitting up very pretty! I was going to do the stole but I just don't have time. So I am looking forward to following your progress.

MadMad said...

OK. When I first saw the Tyrolean shots I was like "Uh... how are these not (the aforementioned hated) socks?" So I'm glad you clarified. They look awesome, and are also in my (extremely long, very neglected, probably will never actually get to) cue.

Cass said...

OMG those socks are to DIE for. Damnsexy.

TheSteph said...

Hey Amanda! So glad you finally got into quilting! :D