Thursday, March 02, 2006

I can crochet, too!

I am on a bit of knitting low after the knitting olympics...I have worked a bit on the baby argyle and since I joined Project Spectrum I thought it would be a fantastic pink entry (and with the close of the KO I have realized I really like knitting on a deadline) so I know I will have it finished by the end of the month at least! However, back to my knitting lull if you will... I finished the amigurumi elephant and The Boy Child loved him so much he would not let me even take a picture of him (the elephant is a boy and has been officially named Elephant by The Boy Wonder). Here is a pic of them watching Spongebob...

and one of the three friends (Bronco is the little horse that The Boy Wonder sleeps with and generally takes with him everywhere he goes)
My friend A saw Elephant and put in a request for a monkey so the seaman's scarf (which was promised to friend A ohhhhh, back in December ) was frogged (it is too damn hot for scarves now!) and I started a little monkey for him with the yarn.

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Cutie said...

Look at you!!! what a great mom you are Amanda! How nice and treasure worthy is that elephant!!! I can crochet a wee bit, but not anything like that, so girl, I am humbly impressed.

I can't wait to see the monkey, especially since I seem to be on a Planet of the Apes kick as of late :)