Wednesday, March 08, 2006

today I'm rambling...

This yarn totally matches my carpet, yo! Knit Picks Andean Silk Twist color Poppy Field....This is for a little something, something for my secret stalker pal for the Craftster swap I am in...I gotta knit him/her something since it is my special skill. I love this yarn so much, it is so soft and snuggly I just want to nuzzle it all day! I am sure I will be getting more of this, and may just do a little swatch and see how a clapotis would look. I am really just a newbie natural fiber knitter ( I hate handwashing garments with a passion) but the more I use it the more I love it, and I just may be able to get rid of my aversion to handwashing after putting hours into creating a beautiful garment.

I also cast on for the Shaped Jacket in the winter 05/06 issue of Vogue Knitting, but I am using up all that Lion Brand Jiffy I originally bought for the Hoover Blanket. I realize I will probably look like an Easter egg in it, because of the pastel, but I figure I can wear it at home, and if I really like it, I will buy some wool (alas, there will be no 17 balls of cashmere, which the pattern calls for, in my near future) and make it in a more suitable color. Besides, it is almost spring (12 more days Y'all!) and what better time to wear some crazy pastel colors that are usually only seen on small children-I am young at heart after all! It seems to be a quick knit, as I am to the armhole shaping on the back and I have only been knitting on it since Sunday night.

After seeing little monkey, The Girl Wonder has decided she *must* learn to crochet those cute little creatures so she can make them for all her family! -- I just love that child so much, she is the most caring person I think I have ever met. She is so grown up and mature (to only be 9yo) and I think she is the most well behaved child in all the state if not the South! I am not just saying that because she is mine either. How many 9 year olds do you know that would prefer to have sushi than McDonald's? Instead of a birthday party with lots of kids and cake, she wants to go to the Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant) with her closest family members. We did this last year and she said she wants to make it a tradition! We always kid her that her future boyfriend is going to hate us for cultivating a young woman with such expensive tastes! -- anyway, we sat together last night for over 30 minutes after The Boy Child went to bed and I showed her stitch by stitch how to crochet in the round so she could start the body. I treasured every minute, each yo, each single crochet while sitting side by side with her, elbows barely touching, passing on something I know she will remember the rest of her life. I realize we only have a few more short years before the lovely teen years rear their ugly head and she will no longer be my precious little girl, but be on her way to becoming a wonderful young woman. I am apprehensive about how our relationship may change while she is in her teens, but I can only hope that we have cultivated a close enough bond throughout her childhood that we will make it to her twenties and still maintain our close bond.

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Cutie said...

Oh you! You made me cry and smear my makeup! That was the sweetest thing I have read in a long time, I totally love how much you love your daughter... your love for her and everyone in your life seeps through your writing so much.

Its such a blessing to know you!

Memo to self- wear waterproof mascara while reading a's blog next time. Geeze!