Friday, March 10, 2006

Project Spectrum: Pink & Red

Since I am not knitting too much with pink and red I thought I would share some of my other favorite thing pink and red in no particular order...The Gaming One also grows orchids in his not-so-spare time. This slipper orchid (I will not bore you with scientific names-to be read as I can not remember it's scientific name!) is blooming now and has been for the past three or four weeks! It will probably keep its flower for another month if we are lucky!
My favorite shade of red just happens to be any 2002 Merlot... This one is named Trinity Oaks, it is not too bad for a cheap wine.
I must admit this poppy is from last year, but I love the complexity of poppies, from the first tender silvery grey leaves to the flower head so heavy, the stem cannot even hold it upright. Days before the papery delicate petals open the bud lifts as if by magic only to last precious few days. The seed pod, much like natures tiny saltshaker, contains hundreds of seeds that, if we are lucky, will start the process all over again. Also contained is the elusive opium, held like a secret just beneath the skin of the seedpod, ripe for the taking of anyone who holds the key to its harvest. Of all the flowers I have, I think this would have to be my favorite, and the one that I am in awe of the most! The lonely pink hyacinth. It is the only one I have because The Gaming One does not like them for some reason. I adore the fragrance and often can be seen prostrate in front of it just to get a nosefull of its heady aroma.
Finally my pink flamingos. They live in my carnivorous plant bog right outside my back door. They were a gift from my husband's cousin's wife. She and I are like two peas in a pod and actually bought a pair for eachother on the same weekend as surprise gifts! It is amazing how great minds think alike! I love these gaudy not-so-little birds, and each time I see them I am reminded of all the great times we have had with the cousins (they are much more like our siblings than cousins and we love them more that you would believe!) They are also the ones that got The Gaming One into the orchid hobby/obsession.
Hope you enjoyed my Project Spectrum (link on the sidebar) contribution...sorry no knitting, but the knitting is for my secret pal!

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Cutie said...

Hey you! :)

I keep forgetting to tell you this-

1. KnitPicks Andean Silk Twist yarn is apparently known to grow lots after knitting- I was reading some ppls posts on Craftster and I saw it mentioned ... so keep that in mind. Here is one of the comments about it:

2. Also, I wanted you to know that handwashing (gasp!) is actually easy and fun when it comes to knitted items... I use this articles advice to wash my sweaters:

It's so great... if you use Eucalan, you just leave it to soak for 15-30 minutes in that and pretty hot water, pick up carefully after that time has passed, place on a dry towel, roll up, stand on it in the bathtub (or do Lord of the Dance on it like me , lol)to squeeze all the excess water out, lay out flat to dry and walk away! Another bonus of using hot water is that it dries really fast!
I lay my projects to dry on my kitchen table with a whole bunch of mesh cloth (from a child bed canopy I found on sale)under it to help it dry faster- its like using a sweater dryer.

Anyhoot, hope that is helpful- your friend Emms :D