Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back from Mini Vacation

Hi y'all, I spent the weekend at my inlaws beach house with the family and came back to all those nice comments on my last post. Thanks so much! I am so sorry to say I have no pictures of the Clapotis (I know, bad, bad, blogger) because I already gave it to my MIL. She is staying at the beach until the end of the month, and I knew this would be the only time I would see her. She loved it! She was also surprised that 1) I kept it a secret since I started it in March and 2)the fact that the Boy Wonder kept it a secret as well...Quite an feat for a 4 year old! I think she thanked and hugged me about 5 times...It is so satisfying to knit for fellow knitters! It looks like every other clapotis you have seen thus far...except the one I made was solid blue. But here are the specs for anyone interested...
Yarn: Peru4Less 100% Alpaca - I bought this yarn on ebay and it had no information as far as gauge or weight, however, I think it would be considered laceweight because it was really thin and it only took a little over 2 skeins to knit the entire Clap. Since I bid on 10 skeins I have quite a bit left so I see a blue clap in my future...I may even try to dye some of it and see what happens... anyone have any other suggestions for the 6.5 skeins of leftover yarn??
Needles: sz.8- I probably could have used smaller needles, but I really liked the openness (is that a word?) of the knit.
Mods: I followed the pattern except I purled the sts between the twisted sts to avoid using stitch markers.
My opinion: Like all of you that have knit this before me, I loved the pattern, I loved the result, and I will make another.

As I mentioned before, I spent the weekend at my Inlaws beach house... since the beach is 3 hours away I got in lots of knitting time. I was inspired by the Anthropologie inspired capelet found on Craftster to make one with the knotty Noro. However, I am using sz.8 needles and had to cast on quite a few more stitches. Here is my progress so far...

As with the other one I made, I am adding quite a bit to the bottom, so it is more of a mini sweater than a capelet with sleeves. In my opinion the colors look much better in real life than they do in the pic. After all the knitting bigamy I granted myself permission to cast on for this and just work on it over this beach weekend. So it will be on the back burner until I finish the Somewhat Cowl. I still have to knit the rib section at the bottom, both sleeves and the cowl, not to mention washing and blocking, so I must get back to it to ensure I will finish it in time to give it to Trucker Mamma.

I am feeling a bit brain-dead today and feel as if I am trying to type with someone else's hands thus, I have had to correct more typos than ever, so please excuse my lack of focus/poor writing...hopefully I will be back to normal soon...

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