Monday, May 29, 2006

Mop head no more!

Thanks to my Saving Grace! I wore it all day yesterday and will probably wear it all day.
Me:Does this look better?

The Gaming One: Oh, God yes! At least now you don't look like a gang member!

Pattern:Saving Grace

Yarn: Paton's Classic Wool-this is the never-ending skein. I feel the spinnin' elves are visiting me each time I use this yarn. I have used this one skein to knit half a felted bag, trim for the noro minisweater, now this and there is still yarn left over!

Needles: sz 8 bamboo dpn's (I like knitting narrow things on short dpn's)

It took more time for this to dry after blocking than it did to knit it! I will probably make many more of these! Thank you so much Dawn!


DAWN said...

Yippie!! look at you, showing off that face. Sorry I couldn't come up with a more yarn consuming pattern. I wish spinning elves would do that for my Noro or Alpaca yarns.

jae said...

looks like a handy thing to have to keep my unruly hair under control.