Monday, May 22, 2006

a frogging we will go...

So I tried to fix my mistake on the silk corset top and it looked horrible, so I took it off the needles fully intending to frog away my frustrations for having to start over on on this long coveted, beautiful top. I had a moment of clarity before starting though and had this conversation with myself...
.this looks like shit, you can totally notice where I fucked up the pattern
..well, maybe you can fix it with a crochet hook
.not such a bad idea
(ladders down the stitches and tries to pick them up)
.this looks even worse, I gotta start this over and it was so pretty.damn.
..before you pull out all the stitches maybe you shoud try it does look a bit small
sure as shit, after I tried it on I realized I was knitting the garment of my dreams. in the wrong size!
so once again my friends, bad things sometimes happen for a good reason, even if we do not realize it at the time! thank you fate!

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Persnickety Knitter said...

Bummer about the frogging, but at least you found out about the size problem before you had gone TOO far.

Love the color you are using.

By the way, sometimes I find that if I drop the problem column of stitches PLUS a stitch on either side of it, I get a smoother result. Or, when I'm done I use the tip of my needle to pull on the stitches on either side of the column of stitches that was dropped to even out the yarn. Kind of slow but it usually helps a lot.