Friday, May 12, 2006

Somewhat progress...

I have finally finished the body portion of the Somewhat Cowl. I absolutely love this so far, however I am again having fears that this will not fit Trucker Mamma, or that it will be more curve hugging than she would like. We shall see, I suppose. You cannot tell from the picture, but there is a noticeable difference in the back and forth section of the fabric versus the knit in the round purl rows are taller (for lack of a better word) than my knit rows. Does this happen to everyone, or is my inexperience showing? I have never blocked cotton, so I am hoping it will smooth out a bit in the washing/blocking process. Maybe this is something only a fellow knitter would notice... I am using 2 circs to knit the sleeves instead of dpn's to avoid ladders...This is my first time doing this and while it was a bit fiddly at first (much like my first attempt at using dpn's) after a few rows it was smooth sailing! I love this method of knitting in the round. I am considering trying the Magic Loop method of knitting the rib portion, since I do like to learn something new with each project. I really got to get to knitting since Trucker Mamma is going to be home on Monday instead of Thursday like I originally thought... I have a feeling I underestimated how long it will take me to knit the cowl...6 inches of 2x2 rib over 200 stitches...yikes! I am gonna try my best to finish both sleeves by the time I go to bed tonight. That self-indulgent beach knitting is biting me in the ass about right now... y'all know what they say about hindsight *sigh*
Later Chicks!

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Necia said...

As Dora would say, YOU CAN DO IT. Don't think about it, and before you know it, it will be DONE