Monday, May 22, 2006

A Myrtle Beach trip...

This time the kids and I went with my parents, sisters, brother, and spouses/children of all. 14 people sharing 3 rooms for three days...too much togetherness any way you look at it! We managed to have a great time regardless...lots of alcohol was consumed (the main advantage of having Catholic parents!) and a few of us were, um, shall we say shitfaced...I had enough friday night before dinner that I only had 2 drinks the rest of the weekend. I also think I got food poisoning from the seafood buffet ($68 for me and 2 kids- I felt violated after getting this check!) because I was VIOLENTLY ill friday night about 3am...My sisters joked it was all the alcohol, but without giving y'all tmi, I think it was a bit more than that...My oldest sister (who only drinks liquor about 2 times a year) was so drunk by the pool at 4pm my other sister and I had to go collect her before she embarrassed herself (*ahem* she was too drunk to be embarrassed by the time we collected her). We safely got her back to the room and fed and she was out cold by 5:30. The menfolk managed to hold their beers a bit better than the women folk... The kids had a great time by the pool and ocean (don't worry, there were sober adults watching the kids swim!) .
I was also able to give Mom her Somewhat Cowl, however the fates were against us (the Cowl was still damp on saturday and she did not want to stretch it out of shape) so I was unable to get a picture of her in it. She absolutely loved it though! My sisters even told me it looked like I bought it! My Mom had it spread out on a table in our hotel room all weekend (she said she just wanted to look at it because it was so pretty!) The stitches looked so much better after washing, and all my concerns drained away with the rinse water! Thanks again for all the comments!
During the trip, I finally casted on for the Silk Corset Top by Annie Modesitt. I have lusted after this top since I first saw it last September or October. I have to admit, I was intimidated at first. After all, it is so pretty and looks so complicated. I'm telling y'all now, there was nothing to be afraid of! Sure there are charts, but Annie also provided written instructions for all that are chart virgins, or just scared. It is knit in one piece (Yay for no seaming!) from the top down. From the looks of this I am about a quarter of the way through. I really wish I had a pair of size 6 circs...this back and forth action is getting heavy, and I really feel it in my wrists much more so than when I knit on circs.
However I noticed this flub. That column *should* have been purled... but I think I can fix it with a crochet hook, cause I really do not want to frog and reknit this...I am using Knit Picks Shine Worsted (60% cotton/40% modal) color bachelor button. Is it possible that I love this yarn more than Knit Picks Shine? I just might! It seems to have a bit more fluffiness than Shine does...almost as if the plys are twisted a bit tighter in Shine. But I have a feeling I will use these yarns again and again!

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Necia said...

Hey Amanda,

I have this pattern and the yarn for it, and still can't figure out when I will cast on. You sound like you had an awesome weekend. I was ripped too on Saturday. I was tore up from the floor up, ending up praying to that porcelain god if you know what i mean. I swear I'm never drinking again, ok maybe not never!