Monday, April 24, 2006

100 things about me

1. I am a down-to-earth, blue jean and t-shirt wearing southern girl.
2. I see no reason to ever be mean to anyone, ever. Karma is a big enough bitch without my help.
3. I try to see the silver lining of the cloud, no matter how dark the cloud.
4. I tell my friends what they need to hear, which is not always what they want to hear.
5. I read my horoscope everyday.
6. I am a taurus.
7. My favorite color is yellow, but I only have 2 yellow pieces of clothing-1 is a dress, the other is a skirt.
8. I like to drink alcoholic beverages, but not girlie drinks.
9. I drink coffee with sugar and cream every morning.
10. I have 13 different types of hot tea in my cabinet.
11. I was the last of my friends to lose my virginity.
12. I was almost 17.
13. I got pregnant 6 months later.
14. I figured out I was pregnant when I fainted at band camp-two weeks before the start of my senior year.
15. Baby's daddy and I got married when I was three months pregnant.
16. I graduated early, but only after my Mom wrote a note to the school board.
17. My Mom had to write me excuse notes when I missed class-even though I was married and did not live with her.
18. I was married to The Girl Wonder's dad for three years.
19. I did things during those three years I will never do again. I hope my family NEVER finds out about some of them. They probably know more than I would like to think.
20. I honestly believe that being married with a child while so young kept me from catching numerous STDs during college.
21. I am kinky.
22. I am bisexual. My parents don't know.
23. The Gaming One was a room mate of mine and hubby #1.
24. We are all great friends now. But it took a few years for us all to get there.
25. I still feel guilty about leaving hubby #1- even though I know in my heart that it was the right decision.
26. The Gaming One and I only got married so I could have great insurance.
27. We wanted a baby.
28. We had both been married before and realized a piece of paper (marriage license) would not keep us together.
29. We were married in September and I was pregnant by October. The Gaming One was very proud of himself.
30. I have homeschooled my kids since day 1.
31. My parents thought my decision to homeschool was a phase/crazy notion, until kids started shooting eachother at school.
32. I think I am a good parent.
33. I am often critical of other parents.
34. I feel like I have two personalities-1)Mama 2)Sexy Wild Woman
35. I keep Sexy Wild Woman away from my children.
36. I try to be a good role model for all kids.
37. In public, I would rather speak to kids than their parents.
38. I am a bit antisocial.
39. I drink too much when I go to bars.
40. I prefer to drink at home.
41. I rarely eat breakfast-although I cook for my kids as soon as they wake up.
42. I do not like chain restaurants.
43. I do not like processed food- but love me some raman noodles!
44. I was a vegetarian for three years.
45. I started eating meat again because my extended family gave me hell about having an eating disorder.
46. They still think I am too skinny.
47. I weigh 20 lbs. less now than when I was in high school.
48. I love rare steaks and sushi.
49. I learned to knit by accident...I bought a purse at a thrift shop and it was full of knitting needles.
50. I had only crocheted before, but never finished anything until after I was a knitter. I made a granny square blanket and gave it to my mom. She cried.
51. I taught myself to knit.
52. My MIL is the only other person I know that knits.
53. I am totally obsessed now-I knit at least 2 hours every day.
54. I prefer to knit at night.
55. I do not have a driver's license. never have.
56. I have only driven about 20 times in my whole life.
57. My parents are divorced.
58. I have 2 stepsisters and a brother.
59. I did not like my stepsisters before my mom married their dad. We are great friends now.
60. My Mom is my favorite person. We are very much alike. I was always her favorite child.
61. I wanted to be a doctor when I was growing up.
62. Now I would rather be an RN or a midwife.
63. I hope someday to go back to college to get a degree.
64. I am in no hurry. I have kids to raise first.
65. I do not want more kids.
66. I have realized I am too selfish to raise another baby. and I value sleep.
67. I tend to be bitchy when I am not well rested.
68. I would rather say nothing than argue.
69. I can go all day without eating.
70. I love reality tv-but only the ones on cable tv. No network reality for me.
71. I love to garden, but hate to water and weed. The Gaming One has threatened me with apartment living if I don't water on a regular basis this summer.
72. I am 5'3.
73. I am attracted to tall men...The Gaming One is 6'6.
74. I prefer to go barefoot.
75. If I go out I wear high heels or chunky heeled shoes- even to Lowe's and Home Depot. The Gaming One gets on me for not wearing sensible shoes.
76. I think my best features are my legs and ass.
77. I secretly want to be a writer so I can work from home.
78. I also wanted to be an earthworm farmer.
79. I do not think I would be good at a normal 9 to 5 job.
80. especially since I often sleep past 9 -if The Boy Wonder permits.
81. I am an overachiever.
82. If I am not good at something when I first try it, I usually will not attempt it again. see #55 for example.
83. I have worn glasses (or contacts) since I was 10 (13 for the contacts). I am practically blind without them.
84. I think there is nothing worse than being a liar.
85. I would rather someone steal from me than lie to me.
86. I was raised Southern Baptist and Catholic (a result of my parents divorce).
87. Now I am not even a Christian. I feel like a hypocrite when I go to church.
88. My parents do not know that either. They keep inviting me to church.
89. I have not been in 5 years.
90. I am very spiritual.
91. I believe that there is good in everyone.
92. I am very empathetic.
93. I will cry if I see a grown man cry-even if I do not know him.
94. I always cry at weddings and funerals. and tv drama if I am on my period.
95. I loved to read as a kid-books were my escape.
96. Since I have started knitting I do not read much at all-unless you count blogs
97. or kid books...I read to my kids everyday.
98. I am surprised that I update my blog-I have never written in any journal more than a couple times, though I like to start them.
99. I am good at math.
100. I am vain, though I wish I were not.

Wow. That was easier than I thought.


Cutie said...

Honestly- the more I know about you the more I love you. How cool.

I was reading the 100 things and was like "Yup, that's the same as me" and nodding and laughing with glee.

Sug, you made my night, Thank you.

I don't go to church either, and I was raised Baptist and Catholic too. Huh.

Emms :)

Yarn It said...

I cracked up when you mentioned you do not read much now that you knit....I am the exact same way. However, I love to read and have always been an avid reader....until knitting, that is. It was fun reading about you.

Persnickety Knitter said...

I've thought about doing the 100 Things myself. Here's how it starts:

1. I am paranoid about sharing personal information on the internet.

That's about as far as I get. ;)

I had fun reading yours though.