Friday, April 07, 2006

It's just not meant to be...

The Shaped Jacket from Vogue Knitting w. 05-06 that is... When do you decide that a project is just not worth the time, energy and effort you are putting into it? Well, after frogging half of the front, knitting past my original frog point (more than 50 rows of seed stitch) then realizing that somehow I counted incorrectly and fucked up my random stripes so they would not match up, I realized that this shaped jacket in eastery blue and yellow stripes was just not for me and not to be. Granted I have been questioning how much I would wear a pastel blue and yellow striped shaped jacket, but I am a little quirky and I thought I might be able pull it off...if nothing else I would just wear it at home whenever I needed to step out with my smoking friends, since we don't let people smoke in our house. Cosmically someone is looking out for me, I guess..."No Amanda, that striped pastel jacket is a bad idea-even if you never wear it in public." After I realized the stripes did not match up last night, needless to say I was pissed-and I do not mean drunk- I was very angry. See...all was going great until I got to the armhole, again. All I can figure is that I looked at the wrong place in my not-so-trusty row count. Of course, when I realized this The Gaming One so intelligently quipped "it seems it would only take a second to see if your stripes match up each time you change colors." (If smoke could come out of a gals ears mine would have been smoking at this point) I replied, "yes, but I counted the rows to make sure they would match. I made notes and everything." My darling, sweet husband did not make one remark questioning my counting ability, or my ability to decipher my own writing (since obviously I cannot count or read my own directions since I have fucked this up for a second time now). I guess he either has some sense of self-preservation or he wanted some booty-either way he made the right decision. He had two suggestions for was this

Which did help...after which he suggested snuggles and a very stiff vodka tonic...just what mama anger melted faster than the ice in my drink and I went to sleep a very satisfied girl. So I have decided to abandon the shaped jacket. I really did not want to weave in all those ends anyway, so there! On the bright side, that is one less project I have to complete before I can cast on another project. I just love the first few rows of a new project... So much promise, and not a mistake in sight.

I am dropping stitches like a mo-fo on my, I mean, my MIL's Clapotis. Now that I am on the straight section, it is really knitting up quickly. In the words of Ren and Stimpy "happy happy joy joy!"

And since I am a drinker y'all, I have realized why Janis Joplin liked boozin' with Southern Comfort...a little 100 proof and coke= good stuff!

Thanks for all the comments on the last post! Y'all are makin' me smile. btw, when I leave my purse in the car, it is locked in the crack heads gonna steal my stuff unless they have x-ray vision and can pick locks. And if they possess those two skills, well, they can have my's not like I have a job, I have a sugar daddy, yo!


Cutie said...

Was that a Freudian slip I saw with the Clapotis?

Uhnnn Hunhh.

Chile, I know you love that Clapotis. Hell I love me some Clappie too. But make sure you make one for yourself AFTER you give that one AWAY to your MIL. Trust me. I know its hard, but you will have to let it go. I feel bereft sending my sister's Clap away, especially since I have no idea if she will like it!


On another note- I have been in the same place with a project that you are with the Shaped Jacket. I try to look at my knitting as I would my life- if it is just not meant to be, let it go.

You could always use it as an Eastery cushion cover, or a really large coaster for all those yummy drinks you drink. ;>

I am glad Gaming One suggested snuggles- my hubby always suggests snuggles when I really f up my knitting too- It really helps eh?

I can't wait to see what you make next!!!

Lots of love, huggles and snuggles to my fave blogger (shhhh! Don't tell anybooty!!!)


Persnickety Knitter said...

LOVE the dart board! I've got a few things here I'd like to throw some darts at. I don't have a dart board, but maybe I could throw 000 DPN's or something.