Wednesday, April 19, 2006

life as a bigamist

a knitting bigamist that is...I have stayed loyal to the Somewhat Cowl and the Clapotis, resisting all urges to cast on another project...After three skeins here is my SC progress... The yarn is much pinker and not so purpley as this picture, I blame crappy lighting...and my camera (can't be my photography skills-noooo). I am about an inch away from joining to knit the bottom in the round. I absolutely love this yarn and knitting with it (Knit Picks shine -cotton/modal). It's smooth buttery goodness makes all the stockinette an actual joy! I keep nuzzling against my it a little love. It's for my Momma so I gotta put some love in the stitches! I keep praying it will fit her as it is a surprise and I just measured some of her clothes to get her size...

As for the Clapotis, I am still in love. The pattern is almost hypnotic. The rows are just short enough that I can knit through a pattern repeat fairly quickly. Since this picture I have completed another row of dropped stitches... Again, the color isn't quite right...scroll down a few posts if ya want the real color. I have finally come to terms with giving this away, I just hope MIL likes it... have you ever gotten this far into a gift and think "hmmm, I have NEVER seen her wear anything remotely close to this"...I did ask her daughter LA if she thought MIL would like it and LA assured me she thought she would so we shall see... as I have said before MIL is a fellow knitter and I am sure she will be impressed, even if it is not her garment of choice...further proof that MIL deserves Clapotis and I will give it to her without secretly wishing I could keep it...besides the wonderful son she raised whom I adore more than anything...

She helped me get my very first garden ready yesterday. We toiled for hours and hours. This lady is in her 60's and she broke up each of the rows with a shovel so I could go back over them with our mini tiller/cultivator. She was great motivation to keep going long after I really wanted to stop. I am sure that I would have only finished about 2 rows if it were not for all her help, advice and company. It was a good thing we finished yesterday because it has been raining all day today.

My grandparents always had a garden growing up and I have such fond memories of playing in the rows, eating green beans and tomatoes still warm from the sun-I want my kids to have these same memories. I am one of those gals who yearn to learn the skills of all the hard-working ladies that came before me. I think that is one reason I love to knit. I feel a connection to all those ladies that HAD to knit to ensure their loved ones stayed warm during the winter. I feel there are so many skills southern women just 2 generations older than me have that will be virtually lost with their passing. Women my age do not take the time to learn the skills of their grandmothers because it is so much easier and cheaper to buy things. How many of you have actually picked fresh produce and canned them at home? I made it a point to learn the art of canning from my grandmother. Sure it is a hot job, but the satisfaction of hearing the tops pop, knowing that food will nourish my family long after summer is over is priceless. Ahh the elation of transforming all those extra cucumbers into pickles. It makes me sad to think of all the little ones that will never experience the joy of picking fresh strawberries, grapes or blackberries to help Mama transform them magically into tasty jams and jelly. Needless to say, I am very excited about my garden. My son has already picked out some seeds that he wants to plant, which will be going into the ground when weather permits. I cannot wait to see the look on my kids faces as the first tender shoots peek out of the freshly tilled soil, the excitement of picking those first ripe veggies! It gives a whole new meaning to eat your veggies...I can tell y'all now, I for one will have no problem convincing my little ones to eat theirs!

I finished my post and remembered I wanted to post some Project Spectrum yellow...I love these bearded gardening grandparents also had these for as long as I can remember, so I always think of them when I see and iris...have I mentioned yellow is my favorite color?

The Girl Wonder went to Charleston, SC over the Easter weekend with her dad and his family (I have two babies daddies) and brought me back this lovely little skein of handspun, hand dyed wool yarn (she always brings me keepsakes from her trips with her daddy...such a thoughtful girl)...The Girl Wonder told me all about seeing the actual sheep that the yarn came from, how the lady she got it from (Michaela McIntosh) actually spun the wool and dyed it with marigold and dahlias. She had a great time and learned lots about Charleston. She was so excited as she told me the bits of Charleston history and folk stories. It is only about 58 yards medium weight, so it will be a small project maybe a panta or a small summer clutch...anyone have any project ideas or suggestions?


Persnickety Knitter said...

It looks like you're making good progress on your M Day gifts -- I bet you'll finish them with time to spare.

Your talk about canning and learning old skills like that from your grandmother made me think about my own grandmother. She used to make pickles and can things from her garden. She also sewed, crocheted, and knitted. I have her knitting needles and crochet hooks now, and it makes me really sad that I never got to share my interest in knitting with her. She died before I learned how to knit.

Cutie said...

I love your posts, they always make me think...

The funny thing is my maternal tantie (grandmother) and my momma both didn't knit! So I know one skill that they didn't have... but I think my tantie might have been a crocheter... very strong maybe there. My momma used to cook and bake and make everything from scratch, but I don't remember her ever canning. I don't know about my tantie doing that because she grew up in Trinidad and I don't know much about her unfortunately. She only came over to Canada to visit us twice that I can remember, because she hated flying alone, and my granpappy was afraid of flying!

But my aunt yvonne knew how to sew, and I think my tantie might have been a seamstress too.

I don't know how to sew, but I am definitely going to learn. Mr. J's stepmomma cans, and has a garden too- and everything comes up so yummy and sweet... but I honestly can't do that kind of backbreaking work... so I guess I am not ever going to have that myself!

I think its really wonderful that you do all that for your kids... you are such an inspiration to me Amanda!

It was great reading your blog, as usual!

Your big fan Emms

melinda said...

yay for the gardening bug! In my opinion, it's the perfect foil for knitting.

what are you going to grow?