Friday, April 28, 2006

Can I knit 11 rows every day?

I sure hope so...cause if I want to finish all my Mother's day presents I am going to have to...hmmm I have 102 rows of Clapotis and 172 rows of Somewhat Cowl- granted not all of the rows are the same length, but that will be an encouragement when I get to them. Did I mention I do not even have the needles to knit the rib on the Somewhat Cowl? yeah...I have to order them...better get to crackin...

in other news...We have a new computer! Which is great! Right!??
well yes, until I realized that none of my saved website favorites would magically appear on this harddrive just because it is sitting in the same place on the desk...and since we did not also buy a new monitor, our old computer with all my precious, precious weblinks sits in the useless as useless can be...mocking me i am sure...did I mention all the pictures I have ever taken of The Boy Wonder since the day he was born are on that hard drive? yeah...ya think I would plan a little better than that, wouldn't you?


Necia said...

Hi Amanda,

Make sure u leave a day or 2 for blocking if necessary.


Persnickety Knitter said...

Good luck with those 11 rows.

Hey, maybe you should try storing your links online at a place like this. Then you'd have your links available to you no matter what computer you were on.