Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Where to start....

When The Gaming One is home, I appear MIA in internet land...He works so hard and works such long hours that when he is home I try to stay offline so he has time to play with his gaming buddies...Well, he had a three day weekend, so I had very little time to blog or even read blogs, but on the upside I get a lot of knitting done when he is home. I feel very scatterbrained today there seems to be lots I want to post about but cannot collect my thoughts enough to put them in a proper order...
on a knitting note... I have quite a few projects in que... these four yarns represent the four projects I have yet to start...from left to right 1) KnitPicks ShineWorsted color Bachelor Button-Silk Corset Top 2) KnitPicks Shine color Orchid- Somewhat Cowl for Trucker Mamma- hopefully completed by Mother's Day 3) Noro Kureyon color 115- first I wanted this to be felted mary janes, but have since seen the Anthropologie Inspired capelet in Noro by Kitschy-Kitchen...and I must have it! 4) KnitPicks Merino Style color Moss- this will be a cardigan for The Gaming One.

I have been knitting away on my MIL's Mother's Day Clapotis.

You can see the ridges where I started purling the dropped stitches. I tell you what, if I had not started purling instead of using stitch markers I know I would not be this far along! It is an easy knit...I just dropped my first stitches Yeah! but now that I have, I fear I will be very bored with this one....but I know MIL will appreciate it (she's a knitter y'all! actually the ONLY knitter I know!) after all she worked so hard raising that wonderful son of her's the least I can do is show her some love-I was just telling him yesterday I am so happy to be married to him...I just feel nothing can happen that we cannot skate through together! We have not even been married for 6 years and I still light up inside when he comes home from work, still tingle beneath his fingertips....

My Stalker Swap partner received her package, here is what I sent! Scroll down to VW69's post. I am patiently waiting for my package.

The Girl Wonder celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday! Nothing like your kid moving into the double digits to make a gal feel old! We had a great time, We had lunch a her Dad's restaurant Yum Yum! Then did a bit of shopping to find her a birthday outfit. We went into 6 stores before she saw anything she liked. She is big into black, and was really put off by the fact that everything in stores is Eastery and pastel...I think she would rather stay home than have to go out in public wearing pastels...She is like a 20 year old trapped in a 10 year old's body... To celebrate her birthday we went to The Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant) and had a great time...even The Boy Child was well-behaved which is really saying something since our reservation was for 7:30 (his bed time is 8:30) and we were there almost 3 hours! We had a great 4 course meal and spent what we would have on a party with the added bonus of no decorating, no screaming kids hyped up on cake and ice cream, and no clean-up! Fantastic! Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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Cutie said...

Aww, you sound like a great Momma :)

I was wondering what brand of alpaca yarn you are using for the Clapotis? Its so pretty!

Its funny how the Clap looks so hard, and ppl are afraid to attempt it (I was) and then you're knitting it and it's like, "I thought this was hard ??? WTF? Its boring stockinette! God save me from all this boring stockinette!" or some thing close to that ;)