Saturday, April 22, 2006

Moving right along

Am I halfway yet?? I know quite a few of y'all have made one or two of these, so tell me, am I halfway? I feel like I should be by now. But I really think I will have this finished by Mother's Day since I have three full knitting weeks to complete it. Woo-Hoo!
I finally was able to join to knit in the round yesterday, so I only have about 6 more inches of St st before I can start the ribbing on the bottom. I actually do not have to have this finished until the week after Mother's Day, so I know I will have it done. I have measured this compared to her clothes, so I am 98% sure it will fit.
On the gardening front...The Boy Wonder and I planted a few things in the garden the day before yesterday. Yesterday, he called his Gagee (MIL) and told her all about it.
Him:Gagee, we planted some of our garden yesterday.
...Gagee's answer...
Him:One tomato was called Big Boy, *laughs* another was called Mr. Stripey *laughs again*
(this is very cool to me because I only told him the names of the plants as he was putting them into the ground...and he is 4) I am always amazed that he remembers all he does...what a little sponge...

We also planted some Roma tomatoes and a variety named Sweet 100 (they are little grape sized tomatoes that both the Boy Wonder and the Girl Wonder eat like candy). We also put in two Jalapenos and two bell peppers. Can y'all tell we all really love tomatoes? We are planning to grow everything we need to make salsa. I am so excited!

Seeds to be planted cored chantenay carrot, tendergreen burpless cucumbers, arugula, jewel mixed nasturtiums, oregano, genovese and sweet basil, dill, brussels sprouts, eight ball hybrid squash, sundance hybrid sweet corn, tendergreen improved bush garden beans, jubilee and triple crown watermelon, and big max pumpkin.

The Girl Wonder is looking forward to flexing her green thumb while attempting to grow a giant prize pumpkin... looks like it is shaping up to be a summer full of fun and learning!


jae said...

wow your clap looks great! when you get to mid section 3 you will be half way. Sec 4 goes really fast and you will be dropping stitches like mad...4 was by far my fav section.Planting veggies? love it. it so fun to see them sprout up and turn into something you can actually eat....keep clickin.

melinda said...

Okay, so jealous!

Do you know I'm at least six weeks away from actually being able to put tomato babies in the ground? Serves me right for living in Zone 3.

I grew Mr. Stripeys last year. They're a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your veggie list. I'm always interested in knowing what other people grow.