Wednesday, February 22, 2006

day 12

Still knitting along on lolita.... I realize that the knitting elves ain't helping me at all, I guess they are too busy helping olympic knitters that really need it... ya know the ones that have jobs and families and PTA meetings that are also knitting complex sweaters with lots of intarsia, or fair isle and crazy stitch patterns...ah well fuck those little elves, I don't need them anyway! I WILL finish lolita before I go to bed tonight. So expect some FO pics tomorrow from this little knitter. Last night, while knitting I thought I would watch the IFC Movie I had saved on DVR (I always save random uncut IFC movies in hopes that I will see something good). Well last nights flick was called Birthday Girl and was about a British bank teller that orders a mail order Russian bride (Nicole Kidman)... after picking up his blushing bride from the airport he realizes that *gasp* she cannot speak English, even though all their correspondences were in English. When he gets her home lo and behold she busts out the knitting needles to knit him a sweater...This is when I got really excited! Even The Gaming One noticed the needles! I thought to myself "uh-oh the curse of the boyfriend sweater!" Turns out the curse was true! She was just scamming him so he would rob a bank for her and her Russian captors... but she knit throughout the whole movie and I thought that was really cool... Not only did she knit a sweater for her man, she knit a baby sized one too! turns out she was knocked up! But it had a happy ending-unlike most IFC flicks and I managed to knit about 4 more inches on lolita while watching!


Cutie said...

Lol, Amanda, you totally crack me up. I haven't seen that movie, but now I totally have too!

I totally sympathize... I am totally freekin' bored with my KO project...

Ugh... I am just slogging thru. At least you will bne done before me.


No just kidding :)


Cutie said...

Hi Amanda!!!

I hope my hubby's blog didn't offend you... he isn't anti american, just really pro canadian... we have a lot of American friends that he loves to debate with so, he gets really passionate :)

I can't wait to see your other sexy leg! Could it be as tantalizing as the first? Maybe we could even see them... together?



Cutie said...

oh, I am so glad you are not offended...whew.I don't want to lose you when I have just found you (Cue Some Enchanted evening, played by Kenny G)

I think you have a deep desire to be a Canuck... can you swear to be a canuck, love canucks, eat canuck food and visit canuck friendly websites?

You are hereby declared by moi, a Canuck!

Three Cheers for our newest convert!!!